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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Love my new ZS but i have a question?

Hi all

Have just acquired my first ever MG, an 02 ZS 120+ which i love. I have a question though, it seems to have 2 radiators and fans facing front and back, never seen this before and wondered why? Does anyone know please?



(p.s. i have changed the header tank pressure cap and am watching my coolant level like a hawk that hasnt eaten since last tuesday :-) )
P Lindley-Cox


Did you have a problem with coolant loss? Doesn't the 120 have a coolant level warning like the 180?
Paul Hunt

Only facelift ZSs were fitted with coolant level sensors.

The second fan is for the air con.
Ralph Gadsby


No i haven't had a problem with coolant loss but read on the interweb that sticky pressure valves in header tank caps can lead to coolant loss that can lead to head gasket failure.

My old grandpappies advice was never to test low level warnings, better just not to let it get to low :-)

I have also been reading up on forced air induction kits. Do they work and would i be able to tell the difference?


P Lindley-Cox

Closed induction is the way to go for best results. On a 120 you will typically get 4 to 8 bhp increase from a closed induction set up.
Ralph Gadsby


Could you please elaborate on a closed induction system. Is it an after market item and if so then who supplies them?


There are various options on closed induction. The 2 most popular ones on the ZS are BMC CDA and ITG Maxogen. Typical prices for these are around 200 for the BMC and around 350 for the ITG.

The ITG kit is made specifically for the ZS and is therefore easier to fit. Unlike the BMC, this kit comes with a pipe that replaces the black rubber hose that fits directly to the throttle body.

The BMC is a kit of parts that has been assembled, and is therefore more difficult to fit in the space available. The reducer that is supplied in the kits that I've seen (and the one that I installed on my first ZS) is not long enough to allow proper fixing to the filter box, and therefore tends to come off. On one of the kits that we installed we superglued it to the air filter, rather than relying on the jubilee clip supplied.

Ralph Gadsby

Nice choice ~ well done!

All the MG ZS variants are nice cars to own and drive. I bought my ZS120+ new in 2003. The MG ZS 120+ is one of the best handling ordinary production cars available. Whether by luck or good judgement, the boys at the former MG-Rover came up with a really nicely balanced handling package when they produced the ZS120. I find it a better balanced drive than the V6 engined version overall.

You are wise to keep a Hawk Eye on the coolant and other levels. On any car come to that as advised by all manufacturers.

Even if the dreaded happens, be assured that replacing the cylinder head gasket is a doddle on the little DOHC K-Series four cylindered engine, provided the problem is spotted in time before any more serious damage is done. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Indeed, must be one of the easiest 16 valve jobbies to work on. It's lightness being a great help here, unlike the T-Series I'm more used to working on ~ heavy!.. :-)

Meantime ~ enjoy...

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