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OK, I've been persuaded by a couple of fellow listers (on the midget / Sprite board) to advertise! As a trained and experienced draughtsman, amateur artist and car enthusiast, I've produced many line drawings, pencilcolours and watercolours of friends' cars over the years. Generally they're from good quality photos of specific cars, but also, with access to a vast archive of photos, I can produce a picture of your car just from an accurate description.
If you're interested in an original, strictly limited-edition (of one) artwork of your MG (or any other car), e-mail me off-board and we can discuss. Advert over!

'71 Midget
Steve Clark / OVX 1K

I do not want a picture or any others thing of my sons MG B. This car that he has is not good. I get to be greatly angered at the rusted parts on the body and the stinking parts from the back of the exhaust. You are many time insulting me by forcing me to buy your wares. How am I to know that when I give money I will get a picture even.

My wife she puts many picture of thing like the family and pictures of cat. I hate thes sh*t cat they are the most rubbish of all the animals that G-d put on soil. My wife she love the stinking cat and have many picture of cat. You I am hoping do not have pictures of cats that you do.

How dare you peddle your paltry wares to me. My space is valuabl in the place that I living. My car I just sell this Lotus Elan is the rubbish. I go around the person who buy this car from me to demand more money. I hate this man many time.
Yoram Shevach

Yoram's lost it.

@ Mike Plumstead,
could you please lock this idiot - Yoram - out of this board. You should be able to trace his IP-# and block this for access.
Whoever this a...le ist, he either hs escaped a nuts house or has a sort of humour that is not compatible with me and most other visitors to this board.
Maybe it would be an idea to only accept entries from people who have registered with a name and an email-adress?

Thanks in advance, Joern

Germany & Sense of humour in the same sentence without the words "have no" somewhere in between?

Lighten up pal. My old man has not the same english skills as you, perhaps you would prefer him write his mind in Hebrew.

For obvious reasons he doesn't have a great affinity for Germans at the best of times, perhaps being deprived of a father by the SS was something to do with it. If a cranky old man posting some rubbish is all you have to worry about then I would like your life. Are you really damaged by this post?

Ari Shevach

Sorry for your hassle Ari
People are very quick to attack on this BB as i have found on the past.

Please understand that we welcome ALL MG types here. You and your father are most welcome!


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