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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG Saloon Day 2005

MG Saloon day is on the 3rd July at Stanford Hall, on the lutterworth/ Leics/Northants Border.

This is the ONLY event dedicated to the MG Saloon.
Make it YOUR SHOW!!!


The MG 'M' Group

So does this mean that the only show dedicated to the MG M's now caters for Zed's which will no doubt out number us 5-1?

The cars may be dieing, but the enthusiasts are still here!

This Zed owner wont be going...

I have to agree with GK. I thought the reason why you formed the MGM group was to solely help Modern MMM owners who were being out numbered and looked down upon by other MG models. Now it appears you are trying to become a new multi model MG club ?????
Bob (robert)

The cars are not dieing (rusting perhaps) but MMMs score on one basis that Zeds cannot. Classic status is arriving for us and has been seen in the last 12 months, with values of 'our' MGs are 'rising', allowing us to spend a bit more cash as well as time restoring, and motoring mags looking to us for features - several coming shortly. A new ZR hatch as comparison loses up to couple grand in first year, my Monty Turbo (now rarer than a Maestro Turbo allegedly) estimated value has risen between 300 to 500 in last 12 months.
H'mm. Food for Thought as they say.
montego bay

Whether a car gets classic status or not is surely pretty irrelevant to its owners. I have my so called "classics" because of the pleasures they bring to me. I care not what others think. Equally I spend on them what ever I feel I want, not whether resale values would pay me back my investment. I probably will never sell my cars so values are more than pointless. When investors and fast buck merchants get involved with classic cars we end up with a situation that we endured many years ago. True enthusiasts were priced out of the market. I hope that will NEVER be the case again.
Bob (robert)

I can see why some MMM owners would want to keep this pure MMM, but as it says, MG Saloon Day, so it would be very nice to particpate in something aimed at saloons - I get fed up of seeing fields full of B and midgets and being looked down on by this bunch of snobs that think the MG saloons are re-badged Rovers!

The MG Saloon day used to be MGM day. Whats odd is that this wasnt cross posted into the MMM section of this BBS!

GK I think they assume most MMM ownwers are well aware of it, and are targeting new Z owners who may not be aware of it. In the past I have promoted the saloon day, (which im not doing this time around). By far the biggest gathering of Zeds is the MG Car Club event at Silverstone, with a far lot more to do and see!!

<<<<<I get fed up of seeing fields full of B and Midgets >>>>
Bob (robert)

<<<<<I get fed up of seeing fields full of B and Midgets >>>>
I personally would get fed up of just simply sitting in a field, but each to their own as they say.
I think ZED MAN is a MGM group in disguise!!Come on try to make it at least look authentic.
Bob (robert)

I think old and new can live happily side by side. I took my ZT to an MG Club (Johannesburg) naviscat rally yesterday and was made to feel vey welcome by drivers of older models. It was wonderful to see a spread of MGs in the carpark at the pub, dating from the 1940's to present day. I have no problem with events being targetted at specific models or years, but snobbery has no place in a car club. Incidentally we finished fourth behind a couple of older cars, and I was being chased really hard by a BGT at times!
Mark Tippins

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