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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG Saloons...........The VERDICT


your thread titles are a bit like sunday sport headlines, very eye catching but when you read it you realise its all bollacks!
btw now you have come to your concusion does this mean your gonna sod off?
rob oldaker

To be fair, I thought this was a more laudable,constructive effort than some of Mega's other threads where he tends to break up the flow , be destructive,or introduce irrelevent topics.
He has really become a" webchatcoholic" & I don't know how he still has enough time to run his own
business- which some people say is a 16 hr/day task.

I disagree with the "Verdict" on the ZS headlamp brightness, I don't think it is unusually poor. I have been driving home in the dark for weeks now and have found my way home sucessfully without using the fog lamps. The orange indicators are a bit mis-matched, with smoked repeaters and clear rear units, and I'm wondering aren't Rover 45's fitted with clear units? I guess you could do a swap with a 45 unit, although I have to admit a Xenon unit would be nice.

My Kenwood too has been okay with reception, although compared the radio in my last car it was not difficult competition. The unit buttons are small, but really this is a function of the radio and no critisism of the car.

As an aside, why is the MG website still advertising a leather handbrake grip being fitted to the ZS180 when this is clearly not the case? The illustration of the gearknob is incorrect also. I can understand the brouchure being wrong as there was a need to print it as the spec. was being finalised, but the website should be changed.

Mega said, of the ZS:

> Again seats and driving positions came in for
> criticism

Did they really? I scanned the thread as it was evolving and, although a few - myself included - said that the driving position was a little higher than ideal, I don't recall anyone having criticised the seats. As I said, I find that they give good lateral support and, especially with the adjustable lumbar support, they are comfortable, even on a long drive. I can understand why you are particularly concerned about the seats in a car, but your attitude of 'Reccaro (sp?) good, everything else bad' seems very blinkered and only serves to alienate you from this BBS. If your back is so bad that only a specific orthopaedic seat will do, it is unreasonable to expect these to be offered as an option on any car so why not just figure in the cost of replacing the seat into the cost of you new car? If your requirements are so exacting, it is unlikely that the Reccaros that Ford may offer in the ST170/RS will be the ones that suit you anyway...

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, Rob said:

> I'm wondering aren't Rover 45's fitted with clear
> units?

Yes, they are. However, I check at my local dealer and, although the orange bits are secondary lenses, they can only get a complete headlamp/indicator unit, which is over 100 each! A bit pricey for my tastes.


Steve H

After driving a Pre-production Longbridge engineering hack at MG'M' 2001 (which on of my friends brought who works at Longbridge) I asked his why the MG ZS was fitted with orange indicators.....he said it was to make it different to the 45......
Neil Turner

...and the headlamp and indicators are a single plastic moulding so are not separate items, hence the price.

Roger Parker

This thread was discussed between 13/11/2001 and 15/11/2001

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