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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZR Sun Roof

Has anybody got any ideas how to stop a noisy Sun Roof on a ZR It is noisy when closed.

Gaffer tape ...
David Beckham

dont close it?
Cecil Kimber

What sort of noise?
Wind noise or rattle ?
The sun roof can be adjusted by a dealer if it isn't lining up correctly.


On our 200 their was some noise when the sun roof was closed when driving on the motorway, but closing the sun blind killed it dead.

If this is all you have then I suspect it will be dismissed as a "feature". Afterall the sound insulating properies of glass are going to be far worse that a roof with no hole in it together with lining and sound deadening material!

If you are getting wind noise through the sun blind then, as already mentioned, perhaps the mechanism is not properly aligned and correction under warranty is needed.


Patrick Beet

Check the sun roof alignment to the roof panel. It should sit slightly high by around 2 to 3 millimetres. I suspect yours is probably nearer flush or slightly low?

If you tilt the roof open, you will see (from inside) the fixings that attach the outer panel to the mechanism. Around three each side if I remember, and probably Torx screws in slotted holes. Loosen these as appropriate, adjust the panel. Tighten. Close the roof. Recheck & repeat as necessary. Takes 10 minutes max. Hope this helps.

I reckon some ally plate, gun-gum and a bit of Plastic Padding smoothed over the top. Worked wonders for all my mgb restorations. :)
David Beckham

Thanks for the constructive replies and some not so constructive

if it's a squeaking type of noise, smear a bit of grease aroung the seal with your finger, rubber tends to squeak / creak a bit when new until it softens a bit.

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