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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - mg zs 180 help needed

we bought our mg zs in july 2001 and we have experienced numerous problems from minor problems including the rear spoiler filling with water(this was changed 3 times) leaks rear windows dropping badges rusting, the leather on the seats wearing, problems with the fuel guage , incorrectly fitted wheel arch covers ,so on a full lock they were taking lumps out of thr tyres, faulty heating controls, 2 clutch master cylinders plus more, the car was 9mths old when we bought it from a main dealer, we still love the car despite the problems, has anyone else experienced any problems with the zs ? also we have just descovered rust on the edge of the drivers door.

commiserations - mine was new in March last year, 27000 to date and hasn't missed a beat, no problems except that the SRS light comes on occasionally (but I ignore it and it goes away).
David S

I have just sold my August 2001 built 180 after over 2.5 years and 31k miles. Faults have been shown in MGOC mag during running reports, and the final one to come will add a front nearside wheel bearing and a change of discs and pads at the front, this latter probelm more my problems than the cars! In all other respects the car has proven to be an excellent all rounder.

Of the list of problems you mention I can say that only the clutch slave cylinder problem has been reported to me on more than one occasion by different owners.

Roger Parker

This thread was discussed between 03/04/2004 and 06/04/2004

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