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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZS at Thruxton

Have just returned from a day at the Thruxton Racing School which features MG products throughout. Including a ZS180 part race-prepared and running on slicks - and driven with some verve by British GT Championship racer Arron Scott. This car ate red and yellow Ferraris like so many Smarties!

It was being used for giving assorted Racing School punters hot laps. Everyone looked sceptical getting into the car... what is it? An MG? And everyone had the widest and most awestruck grin getting out of it!! A mrketing coup and one highly impressive car.

So who's coming down to Thruxton on Sunday the 19th for the final round of the MG Mayflower Trophy featuring the MG ZR race cars, mgtf Cup cars and MGF Trophy cars? Come down to watch and book yourself in for a day in the ZSs at the racing school whilst you're there.
Richard J.

Always fancied a few laps around Thruxton in the ZS, as its what I drive on the road.
Would make a great feature for the magazines I write for!


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