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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZS BTCC car WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just checked it out on

AnthonyReid has won the Sprint race by sticking to slicks when the others went for wets.

He was lucky as he had loist the lead but a red flag and a lap count back handed MG the win.

Excellent News.

Mark A

Yes - it was fantastic to see! That man is a very courageous and skilled driver, and MG Rover deserves to do well with him an Warren at the controls. The weather was absolutely foul, and the main race later on really shouldn't have been run, IMHO, as the circuit must have very dangerous.
David Knowles

Release Immediate October 7, 2001

MG SPORT & RACING British Touring Car Championship

Rounds 25 & 26 - Brands Hatch

6 & 7 October 2001


Sprint Race

Weather / track: Changeable

MG ZS EX259 Car no 2 Anthony Reid Position 1st

MG ZS EX259 Car no 20 Warren Hughes Position Retired

Anthony Reid gave MG Sport and Racing their first podium finish with a tactical drive to win the sprint race today at Brands Hatch. Experience played an important role when Reid took the decision to remain on slick tyres when all other manufacturers opted to pit for wets. This outstanding result has been achieved on what was only the third outing.

Anthony Reid, driver of MG ZS EX259, car 2.

"I'm very happy, things just get better and we have Warren on pole position for the next race. It's a short lap here and I knew if I came in that I would come out a lap down. It wasn't raining too hard and I knew the time difference was sufficient to win the race. We knew we could do it and that's how it turned out. It makes sense in a team for one driver to run wets. Two laps from home the rain tempo upped and I had trouble keeping the car straight but I have experience in these conditions and hopefully that helped. It proves it's a great chassis and a credit to MG. MG are serious and we're not here to make up the numbers"

Warren Hughes, driver of MG ZS EX259, car 20.

" I had a difficult start after being badly hit on the first corner. I then had a huge moment trying not to spin the car and managed to keep it together - I dropped a lot of places though. The car appeared to have little damage as it was still working. I made a late decision to pit. The team noticed an oil leak and called me back in as we wanted to save the car for the feature race. "

Dick Bennetts, managing director, WSR (West Surrey Racing).

"Incredible. Unbelievable. I couldn't have written a script any better. For Anthony to start from eighth and take a calculated gamble which paid off - incredible."

Frank Dernie, chief engineer, Lola Cars International.
"It's wonderful isn't it. A very good decision to stay out resulting in an unexpected win. We are obviously more competitive than ever at Brands Hatch and the hard work of Lola and WSR is beginning to pay off."

Rob Oldaker, managing director, MG Sport & Racing Limited.

"I've been rehearsing this as I knew that one day this could happen. We expected to get a podium position before the end of the year and in fact we promised it but to do it this way absolutely fantastic. To get a win in the wet on this race - unbelievable."

Feature Race

Weather / track: Wet

MG ZS EX259 Car no 20 Warren Hughes Position D.N.F

MG ZS EX259 Car no 2 Anthony Reid Position D.N.F

Torrential rain and strong winds made driving conditions treacherous for the last round of the season. Spurred on by the earlier victory both cars looked most promising in the early laps with Hughes making a good start. Disappointing both cars were forced to retire with suspected electrical problems.

Anthony Reid, driver of MG ZS EX259, car 2.

"I was a little cautious at the start as there was so much water on the circuit and I'm used to Super Touring where aquaplaning is a frequent hazard. Once I felt my way into the race, the car felt really good. It was in fact excellent. The electrics failed and the engine cut. I am really frustrated that it broke down early as I could see a second win."

Warren Hughes, driver of MG ZS EX259, car 20.

"I made a very good start, initially leading the field. I hit running water a few times and ran wide. It allowed Muller to get alongside. All the electrical ancillaries failed and the engine cut very suddenly. But you can't take away the fact that we've had an amazing weekend."

Dick Bennetts, managing director, WSR (West Surrey Racing).

"We're not sure what happened yet, but for both cars to go out within one lap of each other, we can only assume that it was the same fault in the electrical system. It's the first time the cars have run with every conceivable electrical item running, so the load may have been too much. We won't know until we carry out a detailed inspection."

Frank Dernie, chief engineer, Lola Cars International.
"A bit disappointing that we stopped today and we'll be investigating why."

Rob Oldaker, managing director, MG Sport & Racing Limited.

"Disappointed that neither car finished in the second race but under these conditions for any car to finish the race is pretty good going. At least the cars are coming back without damages to be repaired. We got our pole and our win this weekend and I think it would be greedy to expect any more than that."

Race Results
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David Knowles

I was watching from just after Paddock Hill bend at Brands for the sprint race, and I have to say Reid's drive was awesome! He showed tremendous guts staying out on slicks, and was handling the car brilliantly. It was a shame he had the problem at Graham Hill bend and slid off, but luckily the red flag meant he kept a well deserved win.

My MG flag got a mention from the commentary team - I was stood on the grass by the start/finish line with a group of fellow fans, getting soaked. Shame it only got used for 5 laps or so before both MGs suffered electrical failure. I would make a comment about Rover ECUs and wet weather, but that would be cruel :)

Hope they can build 4 cars at least for next season - the flag's dried out and raring to go next year!!
Maria Cooke

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A shameless plug, Kelvin? From you?

Surely not :)
Maria Cooke


Rumour is that at least 4 cars will be in the series next year. The "WSR" entered cars & the "True Brit" cars.

Been to all 3 three MG eneterd BTCC meets this year and thoroughly enjoyed the events. Just wait until next year - I believe we may witness a very competitive season with the MG badged machinery.

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I wish to shamefully plug this site.. i have no connection with them!!! Honest

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ian Holliday

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