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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZS Haynes Manual

Does anyone know where to get hold of "Haynes" type manuals for the ZS?

D T A Bradnick

I would not expect a ZS-specific manual yet, they haven't done one for the MGF/TF and there are over 100,000 of those. Is there one for the 400 / 45 ? - mostly it's the same...

R45 one is near enough for most, its just the V6 thats missing.

Also you could try looking at a Landrover Freelander manual to cover the V6 engine.

You could also ask MGR if there is an official workshop manual although I would imagine it would be quite pricey.

Good hunting.

MGR have been producing KV6 version of 45 model for awhile now, surprised its not in the manual!
S Forbes

Stu, your not wrong the 2L v6 was fitted to some later models but I didn't think that they made it into the original R4 haynes manual.

DTA what info is it your after is it anything specific ?

I will be putting foglights onto my ZS120 at some point, and would like to know the wiring - don't want to end up wiring the foglights to the horn - then again, that would be funny.


Reminds me of the time that I had some work done on my MG Metro. When I got the car back the horn was connected to the headlights!


the wiring should already be fitted to the car, just fit the lamps (remember you have to cut two holes in your bumper, not easy),a relay and a switch.

lol Ralph - bet that was a laugh :o)

> Ricky

I need the relay and the switch? I have a switch in the Dash to operate the rear fogs - don't the front fogs use that switch?

I am not looking forward to cutting out the holes - might just pay Rover to do it all :o/
D T A Bradnick

Darren the front fogs use a seperate switch, so you'll need to get that as well as the relay. As Ricky said all the wiring loom is there already so its a straight forward job just take your time.

The holes in the front can be cut with a hot soldering iron or better still the right size hole cutter and drill.

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