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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZT Facelift picyures

Very long thread, but you might be interested in the following. 1st page and Page 4 have some interesting photos.

IMHO they have ruined the best looking Saloon in the MGR stable and one of the best looking cars on teh road. Have been trying to persuade She Who Must... to trade the Freelander for a ZT, but on this evidence I'll stop trying. Truly horrible.
David Mills

Not too late to buy the current model and once the "new" one is revealed, the old should command a premium!

Opinion on the two main forums seems split 50/50, but look on the bright side, David, if you want a bargain on the outgoing models, now's the time to talk to a dealer!
Martin ZT

News of the new Rover 75 has now been 'officially' released by MGR, but not yet any news on the revised MG's.


Some guys are so disgusted with the NEW CAR they are resigning from forums!

Is this crazy or WHAT?

Only crazy estate agants Eric :-)


Toys and pram came to mind.....

some more pictures here -

yes, style is important, but there has to be some reason for sticking a new nose on a car.

Jaguar have concentrated on improving the look that will forever be Jaguar. MGR should do the same. I prefer the timless look, with achitectural lines that draw the eye.

Issues for MGR are Reputation and Quality, sales will follow.

Not convinced by these pictures, the wow factor is gone, unless that is the intent, to appeal to a wider audience who would buy Rover if only it were more plain.

Seen this? REAL pictures!
Steve Jones

Its got a Skoda grill and Hyundai lights!

Alan Dunlop

When I first say the grainy B&W pictures I thought the new snout was a disaster. Fortunately I did caveat this by saying I wanted to see it in the metal.

Have to say now that I have seen the colour pictures, I think they have maintained the Rover DNA whilst also making it look very different. Can't wait to see how they have changed the inside and driving experience.

No sin of the Vandam Plas version that has been rumoured...



Can't get any of these links to work :-(

Scarlet Fever

Andy if you want to see how a bueatiful car has been made tacky, just log into the MG-Rover forum. There are 3 or 4 threads and all the photos are there.
David Mills

All these images are Photoshopped according to one learned source - so perhaps final judgements should be reserved until having had a chance to look at the real thing?

I suspect that the MG versions will look considerably better, as the SV type grille is sure to work better with those lights than does an up-dated Rover chrome grille...
Rob Bell

When I first saw an R75 in the flesh a few years back, my immediate reaction was not too enthusiastic. But then, I remember the first time I saw a Mini back in 1959 and again was not at all impressed. However, as so often happens, first impressions can be less reliable, despite the old saying, and I've since come to appreciate the lines of the R75, particularly its MG Variants.

Having looked at the images on Steve Jones' link, first impressions are favourable....... may even be moreso when seen in the flesh.

As always, reserve judgement.

I wonder what form the MG versions will take - to my eyes, they look fine at present so could be difficult to 'improve'. Again I shall reserve judgement until I see them in the flesh, or to be more precise, the metal...:)


John McFeely

car looks much better on Rovers own web site

perhaps these are 'real' cars and not computer generated like these - (scroll down to see)

Rover grill seems more substantial = good
smart new lights = good
subtle detailing on front bumper = good

just hope them front lights ain't too small, I never did like that 90's look anyway. (that's just sooooooo nineties.......... )


Agree with John, opinions should be reserved until you see it in the metal. Then again since its a Rover it will be criticised no matter what.
C C Bennett

Can't log in on Steve's site, been having problems with it since Monday, all i get is a page cannot be dsplayed error - V.annoying indeed. :-(

But, have since seen the pix on Jerry's XPF forum, and i quite like them. IMO the R75 needs a bit more chrome on the grille but other than that i like it.

So the question becomes, 'Do i like it more then the old model?' And to this i will need to see the new one in the flesh.

Scarlet Fever

Gary, I agree, the pix on are considerably better than the press release images - thank goodness!

As said on another forum, the last couple of days have been something of a rollercoaster of thoughts, ranging from "Wow - that's interesting!", "Yuck, hate it", "it's growing on me" to "love it" on the last set of images...

ZT pictures will be released next week! :o)
Rob Bell

I think some words of wisdom have been said by some. It is better to see the cars in the metal, for real.

Studying the pictures once more, and looking at this set -

- the fourth picture down matches the front page of

the third picture down matches the two further down the page on here -

This implies all the cars are old photographs with very good computer alterations to show the new Rover styles. Reminds me of old Dulux photographs selling new colours. Much easier to paint the walls on a computer than do it for real. Why waste good pictures?

some one found this photograph here, and maybe this is a good clue as to how the Zed range will look, just missing the new headlamp style -

A real photograph though, never the less.


Gary, that thread also carries a very clear, albeit grainy picture of the new ZTT, complete with facelift.

Looks utterly fantastic :o)

Look forward to seeing the press release pictures next week :o)

Hopefully the 75/ZT can finally shed the Pischetsrieder curse and forefill its true sales potential!
Rob Bell

Pics now released from embargo - no doubt coming to an website near you!
Ann MG Writer

Mrs Writer. Some here
George Hunt

...and here:


and here..


Horrible ZT updates everywhere:

George Hunt

It doesnt work does it?

looks like once again MGR have let the apprentices out of the kindergarten...A real shame.

I reserve my judgement until I see it in the metal. which translated means...
I can't beleive it's this crap, but I will hold off saying what I think until this opinion has been validated by seeing it close up and personal.

Blimey of WE hate it, what will everybody else think!!!! come on then Mega!

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