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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZT (Poll)

Sorry for being specific, I'm interested in replies from ZT & ZT-T owners.

I'm trying to gauge a view on defects on all variations of ZT/ZT-T types.

Can you list defects that have occurred to your car. I'm talking latent defects not defects through wear and tear. So you can not list replacing tyres after only 5k miles. Some of the weaknesses are fuel pumps, control units, delaminating badges, vibrating sound behind parcel shelve, butterfly valves (KV6), fuel feed to diesel engines (BMW), stuff like that. I'm thinking about producing something on the subject.

When replying can you include the production number of your vehicle. It will not be reported directly but as part of a range. It will also allow me to cross ref against the replies.

Thanks in advance on any info you can pass on.


Tim Hayton

On the 75 we had before the ZTT, the rear brake light came loose. That was it from my personal experience. The worst thing about the ZTT so far has been the daft Kenwood stereo. The remote control didn't work... And that's about it.

These cars are really very good - they always do extremely well in the ownership surveys.

Which reminds me, better do my entry for the latest TG survey!!!
Rob Bell

in addition to my posting on the MGOC site, just had both front dip h/ls fail within days of each other, and the same story about 18mths back. I have the std halogens an dthese seem to fail in pairs, but not expensive, however a right pain to change on the n/s!
Martin Williamson

when new before delivery

Air Con didn't work
neither did the steering wheel radio controls
both eventually fixed

then a starter motor problem that took 2 goes to sort out, apparently it was the earthing of the starter but I am not so sure. we have a new starter fitted anyhow under warranty, when it worked.

now fuel pump


The delaminating badge thing applies to all MGR models. It's a permanent part of the rot of that company. And I'm a fan!

I don't have my production number on me, can supply later. 2004 ZT160 1.8T

1) Airbag warning light - plugs under front seats
2) Clutch squeal - replaced pressure plate
3) LH dipped beam failure
4) Clutch failure due to slave cylinder
5) Misfire ranging from mild, to jerking badly enough to nearly throw you through the windscreen. Replaced catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, one spark plug, cleaned filter in fuel tank. Now the severe misfire only occurs occasionally.
6) Iovox CD/MP3 head unit skips and chatters - waiting for a replacement unit

Mister T

Misfire could be fuel pump
it's the same as mine in the ZT260!!!
and mine misfired when this went wrong on a low tak of petrol
check when the misfire happens if it is only when the fuel is low it's the pump.

None, 25k miles, but won't trun a wheel for at least a year !

Main issues for me on a ZT-T 190+
- Fuel filter block which resulted in a recovery to the dealer - this was about 3 months after a service.
- Delamintating badges (the MG ones) and paint loss on badges the flags/190 badges.
- Rattling handbrake button which drives me mad.
- Uneven tyre wear which seems to plague 75s as well - I don't think this is a wear and tear issue - something is fundamentally wrong with the suspension setup.
- Slight leak around the rear window in the tailgate.
- Occasionaly failure of the steering wheel radio controls.

Apart from that... great car... seriously :-)


Thanks for the comments, please keep them coming.

Tim Hayton

Two faults, one gripe to date:
- Clutch failure in the first week (slave cylinder in the gearbox with badly fitting seals)
- Fuel pump having "split". Very easy job to fix - at the dealer.
- Minor gripe of the "noisy clutch" which was actually the dual-mass flywheel. Replaced. Known problem on the 190/diesels seemingly.

This is on a ZTT190.

Fab car despite the niggles. Absolutely no regrets buying it. Love it.

Paul Nothard

ZT260 on SORN notice until I get back to blighty in Oct Running F in the meantime when I am here.

Last year I did only 1000 miles in the F 'cos the V8 is so utterly brilliant I just couldnt stop driving it. Another thing worth changing on the ZTs is the horns I got a set of FIAMM airhorns from my son which were fitted by Trident,a must do I am afraid!


I must agree about the ZT horn Neil. I have a set of Fiamm horns, just looking for a sucker to fit them. Strangely enough, the horns on the TF are great - go figure!
Mister T

ZT 160+

Apart from the delaminating MG badges, and a slight rattle from (I think) the rear offside door which comes and goes, no problems at all.

Car is now just over 3 years old, 45,000 miles.

MGZT-T +CDTi 135
Reg 19/9/03
Chassis No. SARRJLTHC4D306851

I bought it Oct last year and it had 7,800 miles on it - an ex MG-Rover management car.

The Sat Nav went wrong twice in the first 3 months and was eventually replaced by a new unit under warranty - then it is a German part!!

After 14,000 miles approx it suffered the usual air bag sensor problem under the drivers seat - again fixed under warranty

Apart from that and the wiring problem under the RH headlamp unit see headlamp wiring thread on ZT forum it's been fine - has now done 35,998 miles and is about to chew out it's second set of Continentals.

I still think it's great fun on fast B roads particularly!!!

G Calvert

Tim - generally delighted with my ZTT+135 CDTi, though from some of the other comments maybe it should go a bit better, but has had Mass flow meter replaced (see below) - maybe a rechipping when my purchase warranty has expired............
2/04, now done 23000
Clutch squeal - replaced on MGR tech note
airbags/underseat connectors
appetite ofr dipbeam bulbs, though fingers crossed at present;
throttle potentiometer and MFM - car was briefly cutting out, and down on power, and thirsty
currently just an annoying buzz from within dash esp. when A/C is on - you have referred to this in your list - is there a DIY fix?
I'm only getting 37mpg o/a, though up to 40-45 on a run (80-85). Maybe a bit heavy footed - although the car feels slower than my F, I'm actually doing c.10mph more in the ZTT on the benchmark route, so maybe it's not so slow after all - just a brilliant handler....
It'd be interesting to see your complilation when complete.

Best wishes
Jonathan Davies

ZT 135CDTi
March 04 20k miles, in a word "Brilliant"
nuf said.


Occasionally the rear hatch door on the ZTT wouldn't open even though the other doors were unlocked. To clear the system I had to zap everything shut, then zap it open, start the engine and switch off, the tailgate door would then open. But it's been okay recently.

At around 3000 miles a rodent of some sort crawled its way into the top of the engine and dragged in some leaves to make a nest. When the engine was started, the chain jumped its sprocket because of the nest and ruined the engine. The car was taken to the dealer for what we thought was a warranty repair but when it was stripped down, the cause was evident.

If the catalyser packs in, don't be tempted to bypass it with a bit of exhaust, yes it may still make the emission levels but economy and running are seriously affected. A pattern replacement is around 600.

Reliability, handling, performance, all excellent. Great fun to drive.

roche bentley

ZT260, only probs have been steering wheel stereo controls - never worked despite three attempts from dealer, and the airbag light warning which was fixed thanks to advice from this forum.
Brilliant car, just put on four new contisport tyres (480) and it's back to its best.
Shy Ted

Only a relatively small mileage covered so far in my ZT180 Sport (5000km).
Only thing that I have found to do is take a little slack out of the throttle cable and remove an assortment of queer looking fasteners nestled in various nooks and crannies of the upper engine. Someone must have dropped a box of them.
Can't find anything else to do on it, except admire it.

My ZT 160 V6 is on approx 30000 now.

The only problem has been the common self destructing fuel pump, which happened before I took ownership of the car.

Oh, and the rear discs became prematurely scored for some reason. A new set of brake pads is gradually sorting the problem though ('problem' may be too harsh a word here)

Otherwise its been great!

Nice one boys keep it coming!

Tim Hayton

Funny you mention rear discs! My 160 V6 has had new rear discs/pads at 48k service but front discs (with new pads) ok still at 72k. I thought it was probably where I park on the drive exposing the rear discs to rain etc and perhaps some dirt etc getting under the rear pads?
Martin ZT

ZT CDTi 2003

Noise from dashboard - sounds like old mobile phone interference. Could be similar to the rattle / hum you're talking about - drives me nuts. Only occurs at motorway speeds, and intermittently at that. Any ideas on a fix?

No other issues - great car. Had an OBD reprogramming job done, gives me 170bhp now!

Paul, Navan, Ireland.
P V Moran

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