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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZT-T Fuel Pump Fault

We have a problem with our MG ZT-T 180 where the car all of a sudden will not start. It has happened before and the AA said it's a common problem with these cars that the fuel filter under the back seat passenger side works loose. They fixed it with no problem. The same problem has happened again so we have twisted it back together ourselves this time but the car will still not start - we can hear the pump running but no fuel is coming through the filter. I don't know if in putting the filter back I have knocked something else off or there is another fault.

Ideally i'm after a diagram of the fuel pump so I can check whether i've disturbed a connection or any advice on what the problem might be!

Many Thanks
T Dollery

Take a trip to your local XPart parts supplier and purchase part number WJC000230. This is a clip that fits over the filter housing to stop it twisting apart.
Ralph Gadsby

Yes i had the same problem with mine, a 6 part from x-part, mine came from Brown & Gammons, in Baldock, when you sit in the back seat, it was the pump on the kerb side, that turned round, un-hook the rear seat squab, and you should have two plates, (kerb side and road side) undo bolts, and carefully take out the pump, remembering where the rubber gasket goes??, twist the pump hand tight again, and you will see where the plastic clip goes, just to be certain you could zip tie the clip in place, not necersery.

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