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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZT-T problem

Took delivery of an MG ZT-T+ CDTi 135 in September '03. The first new car that is actually mine, having been a company car driver for many years.

Since delivery it has been off the road for 62 days to date, mainly due to an electrical problem. Can anyone beat that? When I say off the road, I mean either back at the factory or at the dealers, not sitting on my drive.

Must say though, my local dealer excellent service (well done Clarks), MG Rover Group Customer Services rubbish, as is their quality control department.

Suffice to say, if I do not have the car in my possesion and working fully by the end of this month, I will be taking steps to get a FULL refund and be claiming compensation from MGR and I will never darken their door again for a car, new or otherwise. Incidentally, this is the 4th Rover we have owned or run, the others being 400's up to S reg - no complaints with those.
Kelvin Hughes

And your point is ?
David S


Just wondered if anyone else had suffered a similar problem and could offer any constructive views on resolution - even any contacts at Rover that actually know what they are doing and do what they promise they will do. Personally, I think that 2 months out of 5 off the road is a disgrace - you may have a different view.
Kelvin Hughes


I would have thought that the 'point' is fairly obvious - DISGUST!

I would be if a car that was 5-6 months old had spent 2 of those months being 'sorted'.

I almost bought a ZT-T last October but in the end went for a Peugeot as I could not justify the extra cost of the MG and so far the 406 HDi Estate has not put a foot wrong and that includes driving 2500 miles on The Continent (over the Christmas perod) and about half those miles in sub-zero temperatures and thick snow and ice.

Looks as though I made the right choice BUT I do still have my *F* for those fun moments!

Ted Newman

You've got the car that I am interested in getting next Kelvin - I'll be interested to hear how this pans out. I presently have a R75, which it must be said, has been utterly reliable and a wonderful car to own.

I wouldn't touch another Peugeot again though... ;o)
Rob Bell

>>>off the road for 62 days to date, mainly due to an electrical problem
=== care to elaborate? I mean, it won't start, or there's a crackle on the radio??
David S

M Morris

my arent hackers funny...

Anyway, Kelvins woes sound pretty depressing. I had a catalogue of trouble when I bought my F new in 96 - I had hoped that MGR had managed to improve their quality control by now. I was about to buy a ZTT but this has made me think again although I suppose a used one should have been sorted out by the time I buy it. Has anyone else had any problems?
marc h

Most people have some problems... but a fairer judge than replies to this forum is the JDPower survey m'larkey.

The ZTT/75 does very well.

Paul (very happy with his ZTT)
Paul Nothard

Sorry but if your car has been off the road for half the time you have owned then your garage is at fault - they might be jolly nice fellows but they can't fix cars!

In 62 days they could have rebuilt it AND arranged a replacement from MGR! Vent your anger on the buttoons who sold you the car!

For the record our 75 Estate has been faultless over 2 years since delivered.



PS What electricals do you have on a diesel to go wrong - starter motor, lights and......

Hi Patrick

The fault is.....sometimes when I turn right the fuse in the back of the Alpine head unit fails!

The fault has existed from delivery AND parts ordered from Rover via Phoenix in Coventry have either failed to be delivered or been wrong when delivered so the fault is with Rover IMO not the garage.

The solution is to replace the main wiring harness, not an easy job and not actually identified as being the definite cause of the problem. I have been assured that if the problem persists after replacement I will get a new car and compensation has already been discussed. I don't think I'm that keen on the new front though.....not sure what other changes have been made. Incidently, because I have the Alpine upgrade, cruise and traction control options fitted, the harness is unique to my car, so a line pinch is not an option (although it has been tried). They suggested they modify a more common harness but I didn't think that was a good idea and might actually cause more problems than it fixes.

I'll keep you posted.
Kelvin Hughes

>>I don't think I'm that keen on the new front though

Apparently the new look is better when you see it flesh. Some have been seen on transporters by people who were expressing doubts, who have now changed their minds having seen the cars.

The fault is.....sometimes when I turn right the fuse in the back of the Alpine head unit fails!

correct me if i'm wrong, but a fuse is there to protect the unit it is plugged in to, if the fuse in the Alpine head unit is blowing then the problem is after the fuse, that to me means that the Alpine head unit is faulty. If it was the wiring loom then surely fuses in your cars fusebox would blow, not the one in the Alpine.


Hi Pete

The head unit was changed after the fuse went for about the fourth time for a brand new unit and the problem still exists. My first thought was the audion controls on the steering wheel causing a problem (turning right....) but they claim to have checked this out.

Incidentally, I still do not have my car and no date for fixing it. I have spoken to the supplying dealer and told them enough is enough I want my money back. They are now blaming the parts supplier in Wales but it's just one excuse after another and I've had my fill of it. My solicitor is on the case.....
Kelvin Hughes

This is unfortunate for Kelvin but not typical of the car. I have been folowing reports in the press over the past few years and it has been reported that the 75/ZT build quality has improved since it has moved production to Longbridge.

This takes it above the standards set by BMW and makes the build quality of a higher standard than the 3-series or the 5-series.

The 75 came in the top ten in the most recent JD Power survey making it the highest placed British car. I think the only cars above it were Lexus and Honda. The 75 was also recently placed no 5 in a list of cars that depreciate the least.

The 406 on the other hand is beset with problems and many of the HDi models with A/C have been recalled because many owners have found that they catch on fire when parked. This was shown on BBC's Watchdog.

I hope Kelvin gets his car sorted out and MG Rover do their best to please him.

It is still important, however, not to isolate individual cars and hold them up as examples of what the whole compnay is like.

Matthew Semple

I picked up my ZTT on Friday and haven't stopped smiling. I had an Audi before and found that although they are extremely well engineered they lack build quality, the ZTT is much better, it feels a lot more solid and everything is much smoother.


Cannot speak too highly of our ZT-T - no problems in two years..
Ann MG Writer

Yes Ann, but don't you work for MG Rover?

Strikes me that the rotary coupler is the likley cause of problem and I would have changed 4 of those and perhaps the wheel too rather than four head units, but then none of us have direct access to what has actually been done or not done, only that an unacceptable problem persists.

Roger Parker

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