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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZTR caught testing in the U.S

Hi, I just saw an emerald green MG ZTR saloon being tested near the Detroit Metro airport using airport transfers tunbridge wells in Michigan. The car actually had badges that read MG ZTR. It was equipped with extra wide wheel arches which were very obviously attached on and were not part of the body. Tires on the car were extremely wide. Still had British license plate in the front and Michigan Manufacturer plates that all auto companies use in Michigan. Had a brief talk with the driver and he said that the car had a 4.6 liter V8 from the Mustang. No surprise there but I was shocked when I heard that it had 400Hp or around that without any forced induction. Hearing that made me remember the Qvale Mangusta SS prototype that I used to drive sometimes. The Mangusta SS had a 5.0 ltr V8 from the Mustang FR500. I once had the great opportunity to take it up to 165 MPH in fourth gear and I still had two more gears to go. Does anyone here know anything about the MG ZTR???. I think EVO magazine once tested that car. Apologizes for jumping topics, absolutely delighted to see such a car in the U.S since MG's aren't even for sale here. However I do see a LOT of AM Vanquish and AM DB9 protoytypes near Dearborn, Michigan because that is the World Headquarters for Ford Motor Company.

Kam - See thread on MG Car Company - I quote:

'This could suggest that some cars may be destined for the American market, where fuel costs are lower and large cars are popular. '
Harry Tomson

The car is featured in Autocar this week...


Yes, its the same car, being tested by Ro****
Syd Enever

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