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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZT & ZT-T 160 with turbo K4

October 3, 2002

Ann MG Writer

Not sure that all those MG guys whoever they are appreciate their phone numbers being posted on the net!

Good news on the 160 though!
Jeff Glover


Not sure that all those MG guys whoever they are appreciate their phone numbers being posted on the net!

Oops! Never mind ... but even if the 160PS 1.8 Turbo may be a good move for tax reasons, the loss of the 160PS KV6 derivative is a shame.
Ann MG Writer

I like people. I like digestive biscuits. I like Choclate Hob-Nobs.

I don't like poohy smells from bot-bots.

Goats make me smile.
Scrottle Biglott

I like goats :-)


When might the new turbo & diesel engines appear in
the ZS models?
I have been waiting for almost a year to have a decent
diesel or a higher performance "four" installed in the ZS.

'New turbo diesel'??

Turbo diesel ZS announced in July and available now. Uprated L series diesel kits are a little way off, but should arrive eventually. In the meantime such upgrades can be siourced from JE Engineering, Baggington, Coventry and the power rises around 25 bhp along with around 10 to 15% more torque.

Roger Parker

Are you talking about the NEW turbo diesel which was announced then,but I thought only for the ZT ?
Thats what I would like in the ZS,not the old noisy,vibrating 101 HP engine previously used-with torque upgrade or not.!

No the L series as found in ZR. Announced in July means that even with quick model updates this certainly isn't going to be changed in just a few weeks. The BMW M47 2 litre diesel in 75/ZT remains only in that car and the ZR and now ZS use the L series diesel. However now that the manufacturing has been moved from Land Rover to Longbridge, (BMW moved it from Longbridge to Land Rover just before they abandoned ship) and once certain fine details are negotiated between MG Rover and Ford concerning this engine then there is a great deal that can be done to bring this engine up from a second generation to a leading edge engine on a par with the VW 1.9 TD, which is also an 8 valve unit. This will take some time though. In the meantime don't expect any other makers engine to appear in the frame.

Roger Parker

Sorry Roger but am still not clear.
Is the turbo diesel NOW available in the ZS essentially the same as the 100 HP diesel previously available in the Rover 45,or has there been some significant improvement to it this summer?

Yes is the short answer.

It is the same L series engine in the same direct injection 101PS format with 240Nm of torque. It is available now and appears in all current price lists in two forms with either 4 door or 5 door body styles. Prices range from 13060 pound for the 5 door base to 14890 for the 4 door plus model - before discounts.

Roger Parker

Thanks Roger-but this is precisely the Diesel which
is now rated uncompetitive in terms of noise +vibration
if not on power.Is the new uprated 135 HP Diesel much better in these respects ? Any chance of it ever being installed in the ZS as well as the ZT ?

Andrew if you want more performance out of the 4cyl ZS there are ways and means of extracting extra BHP without breaking the Bank.150BHP is easily obtained.
Unless you want a diesel(?)

Who is going to be the 1st to make a new mg metro turbo?
Leon Ruddick foster

Thanks for your advice Mike-who could supply such a vehicle in the UK?
although I am not too keen on tuning up cars because of its impact on guarantee,insurance etc
Plus,in France where I live for the moment,it is actually illegal & not possible to register a tuned car so would need to have it UK registered

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