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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MGOC Mag, Good air filter article

Got my copy of Enjoying MG last night and Roger Parker has written an excelelnt piece on air filters.

The article deals with his early experiments with an MG Maestro, onto an MGF and finally ending up with an ITG Maxogen fitted to a ZS 180 - this showed a marked improvement on the RR graph (which was printed in the magazine) of +10bhp at the top end and a significant increase in torque right accross the board.

Very interesting indeed, especially the explanations of the theory behind cold air induction.

Scarlet Fever

Spotted that Andy. He mentions MGOC spares for interested parties.

e-mail heading their way right now....

.........still does not make as much as my Honda 4 pot!

I want a TURBO K, and i want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

But the engine would most probably MELT!

You gotta give to the Japs - they've got it well sorted.

Hi Scarlet,

Is there any chance that I could get a copy of that article here in Holland?

thanks, Arend

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