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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Need customer car for engine upgrade

I am hoping someone here can help. I am looking for two people that would like cheap engine upgrades for there MG-ZR 120.

Basically I have developed a number of engine upgrades for the 1.8 k series that we have done lots of Lotus installs - but would like to do some MG installs.

The kits are the RS-140 and RS-150. The first develops around 145bhp and 137 ft lbs torque and the second around 156 bhp and 144 ft lbs torque. Thats what they have been acheiving in Elises anyway. I wish to test both in MG's to see if the power numbers work out the same before I launch the kits to market.

I am looking at a price of around 750 for the 140 and 1250 for the 150 (both plus VAT and fitting). But for the test customers I would do them for 140=600 inc fitting 15=1000 inc fitting (both plus VAT). So thats a pretty big saving.

The kits fit any non-vvc 1.8 k. the RS-140 spec is: K&N panel filter, 52mm throttle body, re-profiled inlet manifold and flowed head. The RS-150 is Reverie carbon fibre induction kit, re-profiled inlet manifold, flowed head and sports exhaust.

I would do the fitting at our workshop in Reading.

Please e-mail me if anybody is interested.


Owen Geddes

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Yoram Shevach

what's that ticking sound?

Ally Achbar

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Mary Caves

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