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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - New Boy

Hi all...

I've just bought a ZS180 and thought I would introduce myself.

Former MGF owner aged 54 (going on 30) - traded the F for a Freelander in February - since then I have had such pangs of guilt and suffered terrible withdrawal symptoms. NOT ANY MORE...

If any of you are going to Silverstone perhaps we could meet up for a chat/beer/whatever....
Kevin White

Hi Kevin and welcome to ZS ownership .....

I too have one, but, nice as it is, guess what? I still prefer driving my Montego, Maestro and R220 coupe turbos..... but then, a bit like you, former MGB owner and 61 going on 16 .... LOL ..... age is a state of mind ... not how many miles you have on your clock ... more LOL.

More seriously, the ZS will become the family runabout when run-in and will mainly be driven by my better half.

John McFeely

Hi Kevin
What part of Somerset?
Dont see that many 180s down here! Had mine about 18 months now, it just gets better all the time :-)Enjoy....Stu
S Forbes

Hi Stu

I am in Spaxton between Bridgwater and Taunton. Wave if you see me-Trophy Blue WG02 VAX...
Kevin White

Hi Kevin, a fellow ZS 180 owner here too. I will be at Silverstone for all three days (look out for a LeMans Green one) :-)

Scarlet Fever

Hi Andy

Look forward to seeing you again, we met at Silverstone last year (Solar Red MGF camped next to Paul from Bristol-he had the 747 wing fitted to his MGF...
Kevin White

welcome Kevin; look me up at S'stone too. I'll be around a yellow ZS180 in the paddock, driving a blue midget on SUnday afternoon.

>> Paul from Bristol-he had the 747 wing fitted to his MGF <<

LOL, it was big wasn't it :-)


Kevin, welcome to the world of ZSs! There seem to be quite a few former F owners that now have ZS180s (SF, yourself, me, etc.).

>look out for a LeMans Green one
Andy, there might be more than one Le Mans Green ZS180 there, you know! Sorry for including you in the list of former F owners above - how's the rebuild going?



No offence taken :-)

True, but LMG is still fairly rare on a Zed IMO. That said i followed a ZTT in this morning in LMG (looked great), but at the MGCC Zed regiaster do at Duxford, mine was the only LMG ZS there, so i doubt there will be hundreeds of them at Silverstone. :-)

If in doubt, look at the numberplate, it is colour keyed with a green EU strip and has (SF 2) on the bottom right hand side. :-)

Scarlet currently looks like this...

>> <<

The rebuild section on the SOS site has taken on a life of it's own, it was originally only intended to chart the rebuild, you know, show progress. What has happened is that it has catalogued exactly how i dismantled everything in the minutest detail, resulting in a step-by-step guide to stripping down the enitre cabin and a lot of the exterior bodywork. Quite a valuable resource for the budding MGF/TF DIY'er, i certainly can't think of anything this comprehensive anywhere on the internet. What is strange though is that it has happened almost by accident - i certainly never intended it to go this far. I just took photos of each step as i have done countless times for my other website and for magazines and other people, then rather than cherry picking the good ones, i was able to find something usefull in just about every picture. These were then uploaded with a brief description and hey presto, the first gallery read like an online Haynes Manual! :-)

Anyway, if this could happen without me intending it, it was very easy to continue as i had begun, and keep adding to the site. As the stripdown progressed, more and more information was posted and now there really is a significant amount of stuff there. To the extent that if any F/TF owner want's to strip out any part of the cabin, it's there. Front and rear bumpers, bonnet, scuttle, wipers, wings - all there too. Horns, carpets, the entire dash, airbag, side vents, washer bottle and jets, again, step-by-step instructions are now online.

This weekend i'm hoping to remove the damaged suspension ball joints and replace with new ones, this should allow me to put the wheel back on and get Scarlet mobile again. There are also a couple of loose ends to tie up (items that i removed but didn't take pictures of, like the boot carpet).

Scarlet Fever

"I have the ball joints on order, but MGR's parts supplies being what they are, 4 weeks after they were ordered they still haven't arrived......."

That is'll be the death knell of MGR.

Ball joints arrived back end of last week, gallery detailing fitment progress online now.

Scarlet Fever

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