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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - New name for MGCC Z register

For those of you who are MG Car Club members there is a debate going on right now as to what the new Z car register within the MGCC should be called.
Steve Cox commented in the latest Safety Fast that
The RST register
...was a popular contender at the moment.

I wrote an email to MGCC HQ giving my two peneth worth on the subject:

Basically my favourite name for the new register was :

The MGZ register

We already have the MGB, MGC, MGF (etc) registers which include the letters 'MG' quite appropriately.
One drawback to being chairman of the FWD register (no 'MG' lettering included) means that to the uninitiated there is firstly no obvious tie to MG. Plus FWD is often confused with 'Four Wheel Drive'.

An RST register might have some non-MG people thinking it is some sort of Ford car club derivative!

The MGCC already has a :
Z & Farina magnette register

Other options could be :
The Z register
Can you think of any more appropriate names?

What do you owners think?

Martin Woods
PS. All (sensible)comments to be forwarded to MGCC HQ.
Martin Woods

RST does sound very much like an RS Turbo reference..

The only one that sounds feasible so far has to be: The MG Z register.

Gareth Kidman

It should I think contain the letter Z,
so it would have to be The MGZ Register!

My next comment might put a cat amongst the pidgeons!... I was thinking if there were suffient numbers of owners then why not have a V6 Register for those new MGs powered by the V6?


MG Z-car RST Register?
John McFeely

Sounds good to me!

How about the 'Triple Z Register' or 'ZZZ Register' (no snoring jokes please!). There is already a 'triple MMM Register (for pre-war ohc midget, Magna, Magnettes) so there is a sort of precedent.
David Knowles

Nope, dont like that.
There is only one Z in ZS!!


>There is only one Z in ZS!!

There is only one Z in 'My' ZS!!



What about the XPower stuff? XPower XT500 etc!

RST sounds naff and too Fordish!
Jerry Flint

ZK REGISTER, Z series and k engines
only a suggestion
shy mg fan

There is only one Z in ZS!!

Yes, but one each in ZR, ZS and ZT - so three Z's. Seemed simple enough to me. IMHO.
David Knowles

Yes its simple David,
& I see what you getting at, but one Z is plenty, and given the option I wont be voting for Triple Z!


Triple Zeds; Yeah like it! MG ZZZ Register or as our friends the other side of the pond would say "Triple Zee".
John McFeely

What if MG were to extend the Z family to a couple more models? Triple Z goes down the pan!!


Which model Z did you buy David??


I thought that there were 4 models already

on a lighter note with my ZS and my wifes ZR being 'Top' cars (in our opinion) ZZ Top seems good, or has that name been used before

What if MG were to extend the Z family to a couple more models? Triple Z goes down the pan!!

shy mg fan

If the X80 gets a Z name it could be included and if the group gets too big they could subdivide it into Japanese based cars, German based cars and Italian based cars and call it the Axis Powers Register.

Donít worry that the Americans say Zee rather than Zed. We donít get the cars so we wonít get the Register.
George Champion

TBQH, I have absolutely no idea what so ever what 'RST' stands for- and I think that would apply to most MGCC member looking at this name fresh for the first time.

Is there any reason to delineate the three models (R, S and T) individually? I think not.

The logical name is what Martin suggests- the MG Z register.

Mind you, I do rather like the name suggested Kelvin, David and John: the MG Triple Z register... Yup, that'd definitely be my favourite, especially if you use the more American pronounciation: MG Triple Zee register... :o)
Rob Bell

The trouble with "Z Register" is that it is easily confused with the "Z Magnette Register". "Triple Z Register" - yes, I could live with that.

How about Z-21 register, for 21st century Zeds?
Michael Watkins

RST stands for Rally Sport - Turbo.

This thread was discussed between 02/12/2001 and 09/12/2001

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