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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - no start on a hot day

Last weekend I used my 67 MG BGT in the sunshine all day. In the evening I hopped into my ZR for a longer journey - and it wouldn't start! The engine turned over but just would not fire up at all. On the verge of calling up the breakdown service, I thought it might be worth using some 'classic MG' techniques and duly removed the petrol filler cap. A big gasp of air later and the car fired up with no problems - and before anyone asks, it had two thirds of a tank of petrol in it! On a different note, I was dissapointed to see that when I got the car it came with the bog standard plastic gearstick and not the leather/alloy one indicated on the website as being standard on all models. Eventually after one letter, a reminder phone call and some patience, MG Rover called me to admit that they had changed the basic spec AFTER my car was put together and it is now booked in to have a nice new gear stick and leather steering wheel fitted at no charge!

I picked up my ZS 120+ in March and had a bog standard Rover 45 gear knob as well. A new MG one is on order but that was 2 weeks ago. There are delays getting parts I believe due to their move to Caterpillar as a parts supplier.

I didn't know they had changed the spec. though..
Al Horne

This thread was discussed between 08/04/2002 and 09/04/2002

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