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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Oh Dear! Lots of ZR crashers!

First of all i am delighted to report that NO one was hurt. I always had my worries over the ZR, Autocar test drove next to the CTR and Alfa and said it was good up to a point, but it could become VERY unforgiving.

A Number of ZR Pilots from Jerrys site (X-power) have this week RTAed their ZRs. I am amazed by just how many crashed ZRs i have seen!

Is this just bad luck or is the ZR a "Problem"?


>Is this just bad luck or is the ZR a "Problem"?

Read the posts again Mega, and u will see in both case u refer too, the car was NOT to blame. If fact all credit to the ZR as all the occupants all were AOK, just dented panels and pride!

Oh and how many other vehicle were involved in RTAs yesterday, 100's no doubt, all various manufactures!!

I think you'll find that the stereotypical ZR driver is young and brash and finds their own limits before the ZR limits!
Judging by the number of hero stories on the various forums about 'How fast I can go' I think the handling must be pretty good that so few have actually lost it.
Any hot hatch in this price league is bound to be more involved in RTAs as a result of the enthusiastic young nuts holding the steering wheel.

Could it also be to do with the fact that most ZR drivers are young and hence inexperienced drivers.

Yo Mega, go boil your head you F****ing Tosser.


That's nice!

Would be even nicer if he did it.

This thread was discussed between 04/05/2003 and 06/05/2003

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