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Disaster in the first six hours! Picked up my ZS lunchtime yesterday, took it back to work (had to run guided tours all afternoon). Went to My Aunties for tea :0) Parked in my usual spot at the end of my Aunties drive, so the car was off the road, went in for tea and cakes. Came out and hour or so later only to find that the lady across the road has decided to do some late night shopping and reversed her Nissan Premira straight across the road and into my nice shiny new ZS :0(. Front wing destroyed, front bumper mangled, stearing all out. Can't believe it! One strange thing was it was a real good wack, but it didn't set off the alarm? Car is now undriveable due to stearing and the wing rubbing on the tyre and I await the insurance companies to sort it out.

Sorry, couldn't help laughing.
Right bummer, I hope you get it sorted OK.
The record I know of for wrecking a new car was an old g-friend. Had he car 40 minutes, pulled out in from#nt of someone - written off. The woman who hit her was the wife of the guy who did the PDI at the garage!

G - you pissed?

Bummer Climber, like G couldn't help grinning, why is it always a Micra? (Not that I'm complaining more business for me).

Can't beat it but did manage to rip the wheel off an XR2 I'd owned for only 2 days, that's what happens when you extreme understeer into an 18" curb stone at 60............. (hey I was young OK).

It's not always a Micra - brain not receiving what eyes send maybe ?

Bad luck, I really feel for you!
I always thought it was Volvo drivers we had to look out for!



Hey!...the 1st person I've ever seen on the web who comes from Dolgellau!!

My parents live in Barmouth!

what car do ya drive?

dave m
David Morris

He has a rather smelly F David.

got a vvc, with cat bypass, Milltek Supersport and K&N in Tahiti blue.
My SO, Sally, has an Anthrcite mpi.

SBD, might be a little pissed, round trip to London yesterday, 15 hour day, then a lock-in at the pub:-P

Off to Ynys Mon now, later.


I think the record has been broken. I had a nasty crash a few years ago (it was OK - just a Fiesta) and while at the body repair garage, I saw a shinny new alfa with a huge dent on the door. It appears the owner had just bought the car but some bozo had reversed in to his car before he even got the chance to drive off in it from the dealership. Now that is bad luck.


Thanks Guys,

The worst part is I have to drive a 1.8 Vectra! for the next week or so!

Does anyone know how good paint match on pearlecent paint are these days?

The fastest accident from delivery I know about is when a chap bought a new Honda motorcycle from a dealer, he left the showroom, pulled on his crash helmet and moved the bike forward to sit on it, as he did this, it came off the stand and he was unable to grab it before it fell and smashed the fairing to bits as it hit a wall. He hadn't even started it. Hopefully Climber is insured through the MGOC Lancaster scheme as they'll sort the claim out quickly. If you have any probs Climber, send me an e mail.


roche bentley

Leaving a dealership one day and some women is pulling out of the dealers drive in her brand new pick-up. Not noticing that the half-gate barrier (made of 4" steel pipe) had swung slightly closed (I assume it was almost 'end-on', and as such almost invisible to her). She proceeded to drive her new possesion straight on into the pipe barrier, through the grille, through the radiator and finally stuffed it into the block.

Ownership time...maybe 2 minutes or less!!!!!!

Almost as bad as a friends daughter, who backs into a school bus which was parked in the parking lot of the test center where she had just failed her first drivers exam!!

VERY sorry to hear this, reminds me of a chap who took his brand new Honda NSX to a I.C.E center in Formby, Southport.

The owners son (17) decided to TEST the CD he had just fitted.........Ended up in a farmers field!

Just remember to take some photo's, your laugh (one day).

"the lady across the road ... reversed her Nissan Premira straight across the road and into my nice shiny new ZS"

Did she say what the woman who backed across the road into my daughter's car said - "well, you don't usually park there"
Paul Hunt

Paint today can be matched quite easily, even these complicated flip paints we see. Yes, some are more difficult than others but there is no excuse for poor paint matches today. Climber - that is indeed bad luck on your part! For reference, we have had to paint a Trophy Blue ZS180 recently and had no problems matching the paint. I relly feel for you having to drive a V****a!! LOL
David Lacey

Her exact comments were, "I didn't see the car.... normally somone parks an old classic MG there and I usually notice that!"



Unfortunatly I am not with Lancaster at present as I had to transfer the insurance policy from my old Carina to the new MG and it wasn't worth cancelling and renewing with another insurer. However, with all the hassle I have had with Hastings Direct over the last few days I will be getting a quote from Lancaster on renewel in September. I will say that Priests of Chesham, where I purchased the car have been excellent sorting everything out and communicating with the insurance company on my behalf and the car is going into their body shop today for work to start. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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