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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Owners review ZR/ZS/ZT

I think its time for all those who are lucky owners of ZR ZS ZT to give the rest of us there coments(Wharts and all please getilmen):- The car, the dealer,etc etc


Go and play with your trains. Looking for muck once more!

Do you have a driving licence per chance?

Suggest no one responds to this thread!
Rock & a Hardplace

I wonder if this is who you would say to J.D POWER?
Give me good news give my bad news, the truth is out there! (So i am told)


Ever wondered why not only MG-R but ALL manufacturers offer a warranty with every new car sold ..... ?

I've read the published J D Power surveys, or at least those selected parts only which appear in the Motoring Mags and seen some of the feedback published there. Any such survey is only a sample and NEVER a true reflection of the real picture. Ask a question at a particularly time and those who respond will do so in a fairly predictable fashion. Ask that identical question at a different time and an entirely different response can appear, again just as predictably. Remember, anything that appears in print can not always be taken as the gospel truth.

You started this thread " I think it is time ...". I dont think it is - far too early. Anyway, study some of the other threads closely and you will see that some new owners have already done so .... :o))

Next time you pose something similar, it will be in your interest to stress in your request that you're particularly interested in hearing from those who do not have any "warts an'all" to report. These are the people you really need to hear from too if as you say elsewhere you are seriously considering purchasing a new Z-car. However, human nature being what it is, they are the ones less likely to respond because often only those who have an axe to grind will feel sufficiently motivated which could lead to a very false impression being presented.

John McFeely

We can get a idea on how the first few thousand miles have gone. I don't just want to know about the cars but also the dealers. I keep hearing that some of the dealers need a good kicking. Ok lets have the names. As i have already said i KNOW for a FACT that this BB is read by people at MGR.

So lets have it!


If I respond by telling you that dealer A is crap when several thousand other customers have happily found the opposite but have not responded to you, dont you think that may prejudice the impression somewhat? An exaggeration sure but it serves to illustrate the important point that there are always at least two sides to every story. Mine is just one of them.

Having listened to many unhappy car buyers over the years, all makes involved, I know for a fact that they can not always be relied on for accurate dealer assessments.

Or are you one of those who believes that the customer is always right.
John McFeely

I just asking people who OWN a New MG ZR/ZS/ZT to give me there thoughts on the matter. You thinking about a ZS (180?) as i am. I would love to have it in plane gloss black, Recaro seats. I would go for the version with the BOOT. But i would love to hear from poeple who own one. Are the headlamps powerful or are they too leak for night driving at speed. How are the brakes etc etc.

Mega Liverpool
I (Nik) will give you all the info on owning a ZS180 that you require, if, as we are, you are a blue. If you are red, **** off. The headlights are at best, adequate. What are you then?
Nik & Anita


If you are serious - test drive a car and judge for yourself. My guess is that you are too young to drive, so ask stupid questions on this BB.
Rock & A Hardplace

Hello Mega
my name is Carl Parle and i work for Arnold Clark in fox street,you are welcome to come along for a test drive in a ZS180. i look forward to meeting you.
carl parle
tel 0151 207 2244
carl parle


Excellent retort!

What price are your ZS180's and ZT190+'s. You can mail off list if you like. If the price is right - would consider a trade of my R75 (just sold my EVO VI) this weekend, or so I think! The ZS and/or ZT is only a thought as I really want the ZT385!

Mail off list if you prefer:
Jerry Flint

Rock and a hard place, had a full driving ticket since 1982!

Nik& Anita, blue or red what?

Carl, we have already met i think, I was at your MG lauch night. Yellow ZR Four door which your didn't drive that night. Blue ZS which i was driven by one of your mates, yellow MGF with a bone hard ride, and a Red ZT which i would have tested but it was almost my bed time.


That means you are all grown up and make your decisions! Take Carle up on his offer and take the ZS180 for a serious drive - then you can answer all those questions that you require answering.

Rock & A Hardplace

Fine, just as soon that MGR(Rob Oakler) do as they promised and fit some nice "Recaro type" seats/ lower the driving polistion.

I here that they "may" do this sometime next year. When Vauxhall will have the Astra GSI Turbo (all ready a good driving polistion) complete with Recaro seats etc.Ford will Forcus ST 170 again with Recaro's, and the MINI cooper"S".

If you want recaro seats and Turbo buy an Escort Rs Turbo and stop criticising MGR.
Gareth Kidman

Sorry but I find it hard to believe that anyone from Liverpool would answer "Red orBlue what".
Nik & Anita

Nik & Anita in Shrewsbury said....

<<Sorry but I find it hard to believe that anyone from Liverpool would answer "Red orBlue what".>>


Mega, once

<<Vauxhall will have the Astra GSI Turbo (all ready a good driving polistion) complete with Recaro seats etc.Ford will Forcus ST 170 again with Recaro's, and the MINI cooper"S". >>

And MGR will have the XT385, and the new F, and the X80, and the Ultimate ZS, etc, etc,..........


We,ve had a ZR120 for 2 weeks now.

Just passed the 600 mile running-in. No rattles,creaks,squeaks or bits falling off. Immaculate paint

Strange, loud wind noise above 30mph from screen/doorseal? which stops if you crack either front window open. Dealer consulting MGR technical.

Slight water leak from rear side window (ours is 3 door with opening rear side windows). Dealer fixed in an afternoon.

Door tweeter had broken plastic lug, so loose - replaced while we waited.

Likes: very positive, accurate steering; roadholding/flat cornering; torquey engine (non-VVC); lights excellent (terrific on dark country lanes); comfortable seats on long and short journeys; the noise it makes (haven't been over 70 but much more pleasant than a 216GTi we had); generally competent, secure, well-engineered feel; the colour(-Trophy Blue). Could probably add more but its getting late.

Dislikes: Er?

Does this help?


Ok OK!

The V8's will be well out of my range (I saving that level of cash for either the Lotus M250 mark 2 or the Porche Boxster coupe). The "NEW" F is still going to be a METRO bits&bobs with a faster engine thus more HGF's!

As for Blue/Red i don't give a damn!, in my school days in the late 70's every kid in the class was into Liverpool this and liverpool that!

For me (the odd one out)it was LOTUS this and Colin Chapman that!

They went to watch foot"E", i went motor racing!
Those where the days. When LOTUS RULED!

Thanks Pete!


To reply to your two specific queries regarding the ZS180:

> Are the headlamps powerful or are they too leak for
> night driving at speed. How are the brakes etc etc.

I would concur with Nik that the headlights are only adequate for night driving. The brakes have very good stopping power. However, the pedal is quite spongey when you are braking hard. I think that I shall be looking for a set of braided hoses to try to firm the pedal up a bit.

On your more vague questions;

> The car, the dealer,etc etc

I am very happy with the car. I have had a few minor niggles but nothing more than I would expect with a new car - and they have been fixed quickly and courteously by my dealer. As I have said previously on this board, I am generally very happy with my dealer but, since it is a long way from Liverpool, that's probably not much use to you.

Finally, when I visit my parents, it is a 4-5 hours drive. In previous cars the last hour or two has been uncomfortable but, in the ZS, I was still comfortable at the end of the journey. The seating position may be a touch high for some tastes but I certainly find the seats to be very comfortable and supportive.


Steve H

Ok, Thanks all keep them coming. Any ZT owners about that would like to say somthing on the subject?


I test drove a ZT and it was wonderfully responsive and pokey with great engine note. A wonderful driving experience! I also loved the comfort of the seats.

There would be an order with MG Rover for a ZT-T from me if the interior was not so cheap and loud or even if it were available in some decent colours. (nothing against the MG colours on a small car but on a big 20k+ it just looks crass and vulgar IMO). Also lady wife was absolutely adamant that she would not want to be seem driving anything so conspicuous as she was certain it would generate all sorts of negative responses from male drivers!

I have settled for the 2.5 75 Tourer with all the bells and whistles so suspect MG Rover will not be too upset. But I would still like to have had the ZT driving experience but not at the expense of being thought to have a taste by-pass.

Come on MG, the marque was never about being load and vulgar!



load and vulgar?
as opposed to loaded and vulgar?

Dot (trying not to mention BMW, oops)

I test drove a ZT too. I thought it was great, and am seriously considering a ZT-T as my next company car....unless the rumours I've heard about the Mondeo ST200 are true! I currently have one of these as a compnay car and mine was just shy of 24k new. Apparently, it'll be worth around 8k when it's due up in Feb. That's a helluva lot of car for 8k, so I'm being tempted to opt out of the company scheme and buy it myself...


Kieren Gibson

I've had had my ZT-T 190+ for 2 weeks and 950 miles now, and I'm impressed. Running in for 625 miles at 3000rpm was tedious though.

The car has a couple of niggling faults, but nothing too serious.

In Anthracite with the grey leather/alcantara trim I think it's pretty tasteful inside, and the ride/handling balance is brilliant for a vehicle of this size.

The only criticisms I have at the moment are that the front tyres deposit too much muck on the side of the car (my dealer is still investigating whether front mudflaps from the 75 will fit) and the list price (on which I negotiated a small discount) - 27495, although a similarly equipped Audi A4 2.4 Avant would have cost about 3000 more.

MG Rover need to convince people that this is a credible alternative to a BMW/AUDI/Mercedes, otherwise if compared to fast Fords/Vauxhalls this looks like a very expensive car, and residuals will be poor.


Clearly I did not mean load, but did I mean loud or lewd. The problems I have with being Dyslectic. Just glad my employer is happy to give work to us cripples.

Buying a Rover 75 and looking forward to it, is starting to make me feel very old, but then I am.


I thought about the ZT-T in metallic black but again lady wife was adamant that she did not want to drive a vehicle that could be mistaken for a Hurst - again an age thing I expect....



PS before anyone says that the 75 purchase seems to be dominated by the lady wife's concerns I have two answers.

1. isn't that the basis of a happy marriage (doing what you are told!)
2. Lady wife adores the current 200 like no other car (including the F) in 30 plus years of marriage so major compromises are required (did I mention the new bathroom.....)

Thanks to eveyone, i think that we are already getting a idea on whats what. Keep it coming!

Hi Patrick,

New Z colours announced last week include some more subtle hues. Not sure which ones available on ZT, but the list included Tahiti Blue, Copperleaf Red and BRG.



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