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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - performance mod!!!!

Has anyone tried one of those engine performance mods that appear to be becomming popular on ebay, estimating a 15 bhp improvement for only 5!!!, or is it just another con?

Another con. Apparently the resistor only costs 5p, and will overfuel the engine leading to bore wash.
Any power improvement coming this cheap has to be a con otherwise the manufacturer would have fitted it if it was worth it.
Not worth it as your warranty would be voided.

Thanks Martin, pretty much as I was thinking.

I have heard about PTP's Sport head kit for the ZR 120 anf ITG induction kits any commets?


P Henry


Warranty void?

Hello. Just bought a ZR 105.
Which K&N kit should I be buying for it?
Thanks in advance.
David Lamb

New or used '105?

Either way, it'll drop in value like a stone when MGR closes!

I'd use a pair of tights for a filter rather than waste cash on a K&N! It will have the same effect....

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