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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Power Exhaust for ZS180

1.ZS180 V6 Chipped I have heard of a piper cross stainles steel exhaust system. Anyone recommnd similar system but not so costly that will put similar Horsepower increase via exhaust system?
2.rattle on the main manifold bin told that can take out the main rod in manifold system and replace to make maniold system work as normal any input?
3.Does a K-N air filter increase horsepowerto V6 engine?
Chris Ward

You will only get neglible increase in power by replacing the back box - these are more about changing the exhaust note. To increase power via the exhaust system you will need to change the cat to either a sports cat or cat bypass pipe. In addition the exhaust manifold will give you a significant increase in power and change the torque characterists.

A complete system, including manifolds will probably give you a 10-15bhp increase. It will also make the ZS180 sound awesome! If you would like to hear a ZS180 with a complete exhaust system uprate then I'd be happy to demonstrate my Twilight ZS180.

Executive Motoring Services

Ralph Thank you for the information, where are you based, does your company sell these? Can you provide furher info ? How much etc This months MG mag said about the piper cross exhaust on Red ZS180 hence the Q.

We are based in Upchurch - between Rainham and Sittingbourne in Kent. We currently have 2 sets of Janspeed manifolds for the ZS180 in stock. We can get the Janspeed sports cat within 3 working days.

I don't have the prices with me at the moment, but if you would like to call us on 01634 388999 we would be happy to discuss.


thanks for the chat last week still thinking about what to do best for me 180.

Hi Chris

That was my car you mentioned and the exhaust is a Piper not a pipercross.

Mines coupled up to a janspeed sports cat and i also have a carbon Fibre enclosed BMC CDA Induction kit with the air feed piped into the passenger side inner wing.

Ralphs the man to see if you want any mods doing.

jan speed back box on my 180;fantastic sound thank you all for your help

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