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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Price Wars!

I am currently going through a battle to get a decent price for an ex demo or pre registered ZS180 from a well known dealer. It seems that some dealers can offer these cars as low as 14995 whilst mine will only come down as far as 16000. Does anyone know what sort of discounts dealers are able to offer and what a reasonable amount off a bog standard two month old ex demo with 1500 on the clock should be? Bearing in mind that I could potentially put quite a bit of buisiness this dealers way and will hopefully be paying solid cash! Also whats the story on the extras like CD changers and electric rear windows? Can they easily throw these in?

Inexperianced new car buyer!

Electric Rear windows tend to be a Factory fitted option, so its not something that they can "throw in". Really only dealer fit options (i.e. CD Player) could be an potiential.

Also remember that the ZS180 comes in 4 and 5 door, the cheaper of the two could be the one that you've seen for 14995. ( That's a damn good price though :) )

Steve Childs

It is down to supply and demand!

When I bought my *F* discounts were laughed at and in fact you paid a premium second hand for one, now good examples are available for about 7 grand.

If you local dealer wont budge off 16 grand then that is obviously what he confidently expects to get for it. Give them a few more months and the prices will drop - specially around Christmas time when few people buy cars!

Ted Newman

16,000 for an ex-demo sounds too expensive to me. I paid 16,400 new with metallic paint and the space saver spare. I would confirm that you can get one at 14,995 and then go to your dealer with an ultimatum to match it. If he won't, walk away and get it at the cheaper price. I suspect, given the current market conditions, that he will chase after you out the door just after you leave! Regarding extras, I would think that the CD changer is dealer fit, so they could easily fit it. I suspect that fitting rear 'leccy windows is not something that can be done so easily as, I assume, the door panels would need replacing.


Steve H

Try Kernahan's of Witney Ask for Ian Rowe - they are willing to talk deals. Just got a cracking deal on MGF Trophy.

Check the Forum on my site. Kev Neal posted some good prices under "ZCar Demos"

Best of luck with your purchase! From all accounts the ZS180 is a cracking car. I test drove one a while back and thouht the handling and engine great!

Jerry Flint


Do you have a car to part exchange? If you do, maybe you're trying to have your cake and eat it .... :o))

If no part exchange involved, then the discounts mentioned above should not be difficult to obtain now that cars appear more easily available. Shop around if you get no joy. Demo cars with a few thousand on their clocks should give much bigger savings over new in a month or so .... if you can be patient wait until late Nov or Dec. Bet much better deals available by then.

John McFeely

IT can't be long before they can be purchased/imported at a discount price. Keep an eye out in the car Magazines>

Thanks guys, some useful comments. John- Initally I tried to do a part exchange without success as they could not find a buyer for my B at a respectable price (see px thread) so am to sell privately and give them all the cash. I would therefore expect them to give me a reasonable deal. Looks like the gerneral opinion is to hang around a month or two and see what happens. I suppose now that I am not locked into a PX deal I can pretty much go anywhere to get one. Does anyone know when MGR are starting to export to the rest of Europe and when JamJar and places might be offering import deals?

Cheapest I've seen is 14,295 for a 4-door with 50 miles on the clock and an old-style reg.
Paul Hunt

Paul- Where?!

>>>Cheapest I've seen is 14,295 for a 4-door with 50 miles on the clock and an old-style reg.<<<

All Electric in B'ham by any chance Paul?

Wonder if this is the ZS I put two wheels on the green stuff whilst the other two stayed on the black bits at around 105mph at Pembrey?? My treatment is by all accounts soft compared to the Spanish and others who followed. Wonder if these 'cheap' cars, which of couse would all be Y reg, are from this press demo fleet that served in Sout Wales at the begining of July???

Roger Parker

A quick check of the registration number and a cross reference to Car/ Autocar et al should reveal the identity of this car as a MGR ex-press fleet motor (or one of their sisters).

May become sought after in years to come- who knows? ;o)
Rob Bell

Rog - it wasn't a dealer I recognised hence not All Electric. Jeez, maybe we need to start asking "Has it been raced or rallied ... or press-day'ed?" again.

Paul Hunt

With 50 miles on the clock it won't be a press car!


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