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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Rev limiter

Hi Chaps, I have a ZTT 190 and it seems to have a limiter on the revs, as it bags down maybe a little b4 I was expecting! Just seeing any feedback on this subject, as I do not think its wrong but something new to get used to, handy if you have paddle sticks on the steering wheel and sequential gearbox maybe but what does yours rev to? I will look next time to see the limit....Ian
I Bull

on my ZS180 it's close to 7000 - and is reached all too often in the lower gears, the V6 revs very sweetly and I agree it seems to want to go further. Don't suppose anyone knows of a way to disable it easily? Does it have ODB2 interface, and would that help?
David S

Max permitted rpm is 6750 and in cases where this is obviously not being reached is normally a matter of a sensor input being out of phase or simply incorrect. a Testbook session of plug in one of the other hand held diagnostic units such as the Sykes Pakavant ACR should identify where the problem lies.

Roger Parker

Thankyou, it seems its about right then, Just have to short shift in the lower gears....Gone is the day of long gearboxes lol....Ian
I Bull

This thread was discussed between 20/11/2004 and 21/11/2004

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