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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Saving Weight

An idea not yet discussed on here

is reducing weight considered a performance modification, and what about the insurance implications? With the 105 ZR, performance seems fine on the flat, but when you hit that certain incline level, and even with one adult passenger the engine feels it. Though of course, you can change gear (up/down?) and thrash it.

I do like the solid feeling that weight gives, so is less weight or, more power the answer? That bonnet weighs a tonne along with those doors, try parking on a hill facing upwards, then opening a door.

Go on a diet? :-)

There are probably a lot of things u can junk. Think of what the inside of a race car is like, pretty sparse! But this would make everyday running noisy and perhaps most uncomfortable.

I sure the mathematicians will tell you how the power too weight ratio will be increased per kilo of weight lost!

Not sure what the insurance implications might be, increased premiums no doubt!!


Reduced premiums surely. With half the car sat in the garage, then it will cost less to replace it?

Apart from a diet, much of what racing cars lose to save weight would probably make a road going car illegal or at least, as Kelvin says, unsuitable for daily use. You could chuck out the seats, that way, your passengers wont ask you for a lift ever again.

If your car has a power to weight ratio of approximately 100bhp/1000kg, then for every 10kg lost in weight from the standard setup, you gain 1hp.
Chubby Driver

Good thinking Gary
Your best bet would be to look at the seats, i hate them as they are fixed to hign for me and they are heavy.

If you looked a carbon firbe rally style seats you will find a weight saving there.....together with a better driving polsition!

The only other that comes to mind is if you can find a light exhurst system, and if you got a number of mates with ZR of the same mind.

Than perhaps you could approch a company that makes Carbon Firbe parts and get a Carbon firbe bonnet!

Just an idea or 2.

You could always remove those bits of excess plastic that are stuck on the front and back (got numbers or letters or something on them). Lets you go much faster. Smile for the camera ;)


Just out of curiosity, has anyone attempted to fit MGF / mgtf seats in a ZR? They are a lot lower and the MY2K MGF ones on particular, with the 'Authentic MG' tabs would look pretty cool in a ZR. Probably need to fabricate a mounting bracket but the driving position would be vastly improved IMO.

Scarlet Fever

Maybe we should try it at the MGF Centre open day! I should have the ZR ther as well!


Only downside i can see to this is the rear seats not matching. Still, i'm sure that MS etc could cover the seats with matching fabric / leather, possibly even re-used the existing fabric, with a bit of modifying.

Scarlet Fever

Why bother with a back seat, just buy the Express version, and save on tax as well as weight! More room for the ICE and bar fridge, that way!

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