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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Sick V8

My V8 is sick and is at Trident awaiting repair.

Boo Hoo!
Neil Brummie Labs

What's wrong with it Neil?

You're not using it enough Neil! ;o)
Rob Bell

Been using it but every time I get into it I think it's going to go wrong, and it usually doesn't disapoint

Had electric issues ...resolved

now has fuel issues AGAIN. prob fuel pump 2nd time around you can suss the sypmtoms.
only done 14k miles in it

Neil Surrey Labs

Thank heaven for Gubbebils, eh..? The handling course at North Weald was, from the passenger seat, an odd combination of Swedish dependability and a surprising reluctance to disappoint the driver in his quest for an MG-esque time ;o) No shake, no rattle, and although admittedly quite a lot of rolling, I reckon you'd only have been a couple of seconds quicker in the V8.
Bring both next time and we'll find out 8-)
Mike Hankin

V8 pretty rapid mind you I suspect it would be more than a couple of seconds.

N J Willetts 1

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