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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Support for MG Rover

This is an official press relaese:
If you drive an MG or Rover please support the workers!


Hundreds of MG Rover owners and their cars will descend on the Longbridge plant on Monday 11 April 2005 to show support for the company and its 6,000 workers.

Organised by enthusiasts on the forum, the cars will meet at services at Junction 2 of the M42 before driving in convoy at noon to the beleaguered plant.

The convoy is to show that contented owners want the MG and Rover brands to remain alive and for the Government to do all it can to save the factory.

In scenes reminiscent of the MG convoy that descended on Westminster in 1980, when MG's Abingdon factory was closed down, owners want to show their support and love of the quintessentially British marque.

Hundreds of MG and Rover fans have taken to internet bulletin boards this week to express their concern at MG Rover's problems and to show support.

Steve Nichols, who owns a modern MG ZR saloon and will be taking part in the convoy, said that it was vitally important that factory was kept open. "This is Great Britain's last chance to keep its manufacturing industry alive. If we don't take this opportunity to save one of the country's oldest and most important centres of excellence we should be ashamed of ourselves.

"The alternative, in terms of the long-term economic cost to the West Midlands the UK, doesn't bear thinking about.

"Despite how the media likes to portray them, MG Rover cars are reliable, well-built, good value and great fun to drive - ask anyone who owns one. All the company needs is a little help and investment. The convoy is to show MG Rover workers that we don't want to see the company perish."


PS. There is to be a convoy of cars and supporter into the Donington circuit on Sunday morning! (10/04/05)

"Official" in what context? I don't see any mention of it on the Media website?

> "Official"
as in something that was mailed to the 'news agencies' rather than something I just dreampt up and posted on the BBS!



Thanks - you made it a success by getting the info out! Plus the other 100 owners who took a day off work to give morale support to the Longbridge workforce today.

They were genuinely pleased we gave themn support in their our of need!


NB: Fantastic support from ALL MGR FORUMS today!
Jerry Flint

There is to be another convoy/rally this coming Sunday 17th April.

Gaydon - Longbridge
10am - Midday

Mondays event was well organised, though pretty much spontanious. For Sunday's run, a bigger and better turnout is hoped for, if you can please support it - more details as I get them!


See MG Car Company part of this BBS for details about 17 Apr.

Patrick Roberts

It is a shame that such icons MG and Rover should be in such a situation. It is just as you suggest, it's undoing has been the lack of funds and nasty press reviews. Sadly, here in Australia, MGR cars get very negative reviews. I get the impression that the press have been hell bent on destroying MG Rover. Some reviews even base their negative reports on untruths. For example, RACV, the local Royal Automobile Club which promotes itself as a reliable, independent source of information, did a main feature on the mgtf 135 in which it slammed it for having a one year waranty, a space saver spare and for being "not exceptional fast", quoting a 0 to 100k in 10.6 seconds when the FACTS ARE; MG HAS A 3 YEAR WARANTY, A FULL SIZED SPARE WHEEL, AND A 0 TO 100K OF 8.2. I complained to RACV and every consumer/print media organisation I knew of only to be told the only solution would be to sue. Interestingly, when ever I've been in a Mazda show room the sales people always keenly suggest I look at the RACV web site for independent opinions of sportcars. Also no journalist mentions that the MX5 has a space saver spare or any of its down points. When the MGF 160 appeared with its painted interior highlights it was knocked as cheap, now the new MX5's painted dash has been described as up market! The MGF had an unfair start when it was reviewed in the nation's car magazine Wheels by Bob Hall, the man who made the MX5 possible, worked for Mazda's design team and at the same time was an editor for Wheels. In his review he knocked the MGF senseless, describing it as blobby, porky and having a boot big enough to fit six golf balls. That review set the pace and I could never find a decent review of the car. MG Rover barely advertises in Australia so there wasn't any other side presented to consumers. I wish MG could be run and owned by MG enthusiasts. The British government should give it the funds it needs not only to save it but to help it develop the new models it needs to again become the force in car manufacturer that it once was. I don't think other nations would allow their icons to die or go overseas. It's time to turn the British car industry back into the force it once was. Fight on fellow MG enthusiasts.
Jane Attard

Just would like to thank everyone on behalf of the MGR community for showing their support.

Check out for the latest initative.

Jerry Flint

<<<Just would like to thank everyone on behalf of the MGR community >>
Is that a self appointed post or were you elected to the position of spokesperson for the MGR community?
I am part of that community and you most certainly do not speak on my behalf, thank you!
Bob (robert)

Bob, Jerry was one of the organisers of the two rallies (so far) to Longbridge in support of the MG Rover workers. As such, he has a right to thank those who attended, or supported by other means, these rallies.


Bob- :-P TOLD.
Will Moreton

>>>>Is that a self appointed post or were you elected to the position of spokesperson for the MGR community?
I am part of that community and you most certainly do not speak on my behalf, thank you!<<<<<< A fine example of negitivity that helped destroy MGR! Have some respect Bob, if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all! This thread is about thanking ALL of those involved in general. Not just about you!

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