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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - The Face lifted MG ZEDS?

The Face lifted MG ZEDS……….What do we know?

I think its time that we put our heads together and see what information we can use to build a picture of what's coming:)

As I see it we can expect:-
New Rear lights
A new interor or changers to the interor

The BIG question for the likes of Tiff Nedeel, and my self is have they tackled the seat/driving problem?

And when we will see them?

Anybody like to comemt?

Would be nice to see some new bits for the ZR. Only because I'll get what ever is able to fit my mk3.
David Harasym

Been thinking about this all day, have they fixed the seats?

We bought one of the first ZS180's and will be pretty fed up with MG if after only 6 months it is not a latest model. Keeping pace with the competition is one thing but if the models change so frequently then we will look elsewhere in future.
Nik & Anita

Sorry to hear this, i think your been a bit unlucky with the market. MGR rushed the Zeds out, than Ford etc lanched there new cars. MGR didn't have much choice!

Some minor changes are expected later in the year, but nothing of real consequence. Continuity with current models and not generating resentment from current owners is part of the reasoning.

Roger Parker

I'm proud of my first generation Z, changes at some stage are inevitable!!


Still yet to become a familiar sight on our roads, surely all the MG-Zeds have not been around long enough for any kind of new look or face lift treatment anyway. I think they look fine as they are. I do like the "face lifted" mgtf. After all, the MGF has been around nearly seven years now so was due one. For me, the real bonus with the MGTF appears under the metal ..... :)

John McF
John McFeely

Thanks Rog
Sorry to hear that, afraid its time for the Ford/Vauxhall/VAG sales lit.

Does it really matter if you have the latest model or not?

Isn't that just being very petty?

I like my motos to be different from other peoples, thats why I mod em, maybe thats what you should do, then you will have what no-one else has.
David Harasym

A face lift for us hard living thirty something zed owners would be nice !

Does Moga do this on Vauxhall and Ford bbs's too? Is his speelin eny batter ther I wunda?
Ann Observer

I have waited 6 months to see if MGR would do somthing about the seats/driving polsition on the ZS/ZR. From what people "In the loop" are now sort of telling me, they won't.

Ok just don't expect me to buy one MGR. Its your sales and if i was in your polsition i would get off my ar*e and do somthing bloody quickly!

Its your sales and if i was in your polsition i would get off my ar*e and do somthing bloody quickly

naw - hes spilling is jest is bed as iver

Sorry to say this mate, BUT WILL YOU SHUT THE F$#K UP ABOUT THE DRIVING POSITION AND SEATS! has anyone else had this "problem" with the seats?
S Harris

Autocar, Autoexpress, Top long a list do you want?

I would like comments from people who drive these cars every day, not some jumped up pillocks who only test drive them for a day!
These are the comments that matter!
Anyone else agree????
S Harris

>Autocar, Autoexpress, Top long a list do you want?
The full list?

Autocar, Autoexpress, Top Gear, dont drive these cars daily, I do. The seats are fine!



Thakyou Kelvin!
Nice to know someone else finds these cars a pleasure to drive!
S Harris

I think we have now had a enough of MEGA,he is a racalist as well as a caralist,
Please Mike Plumstead stop him posting.


Here here...
Mega is nothing but an anti MGR racist and has no worth on this site!!!
S Harris

Just what is it that you are trying to prove?
S Harris

as a main Rover/MG dealer i can assure you us as a dealer network we have not been informed of any changes in the MGZ saloons.
mark spindley

OK to add my ten pees worth.

I have a mk3 200 (same interior as 25/ZR) along with many others at, fact is the seats are at first sitting (ie when you first have the car) a bit odd to adjust too, they could be called as being a bit high, although you will note that the dash and window line is much lower than many other hatchbacks giving a more raised appearnce.

However after a very short while I can gaurantee you will adjust to the seating postion. My only gripe on this matter is they are not really as body hugging as say the seats from a mk2 coupe.

On the subject of seats, I also have a x plate Astra, and the postion in that is CRAP, as has been Escorts and also Corsas that I have driven in the past.
David Harasym

>>>>Joe, Preston said>>>>
I think we have now had a enough of MEGA,he is a racalist as well as a caralist,
Please Mike Plumstead stop him posting

I once got Mike to remove one of his postings....the next day various people made comments about a missing thread and they wanted it back. so i will never report Mega for his postings as most there seemed to want him to keep up his work!!
so if you want him removed just click the 'report abuse' tab at teh bottom of each does work if Mike thinks it is abuse....
Tommy Cooper

Sorry I spelt racialist wrong,and I don't know the correct word for people who only like one brand of car,but my other comments I beleive are valid.

Mega has had his laugh,and I wish he would disappear"JUST LIKE THAT" please help Tommy.

Let me see
I like the ZT, i have helped move one. I drove it acoupe of days ago, nice but not my cup of tea. I write to MGR they tell me new seats on the way, than they do nothing. I tell the truth, and the MG Taliban go ape!

Yes if you wish to live in the never never land, thats fine. If i where you i would however get ready for some VERY bad news!

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