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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - The Phoenix Natter 10 August 2001

Thread: The Phoenix Natter - Informal Gathering - 10 August 2001
Posted 03 August 2001 at 08:38:28 UK time
George Wilder, Hants,

August the 10th is the date for the large informal gathering at The Phoenix Inn natter on the A30 between Hook and Camberley at Hartney Witney.

The front car park of the inn should be shut off ffor MGs only ( other customers will have to park round the back ), which last year we filled with between 35 and 40 cars
during the evening. Last year we had a genuine J4 a couple of C types and other MMM cars, various T types, but I don't remember a Y, an A or two, and maybe a Z , a
range of the different types of B and C and of course a good number of Fs.

Where were all the modern midgets?

So come along wih your MG its a totally open and informal evening from about 20.00hrs onward

Look forward to seeing you

GR Wilder

wrong thread heading, George !

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