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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Tiff Needell on the ZR 160 (Autocar)

Hi everybody!
Yes just when you thought i gone! I thought you would like to hear what Tiff has to say about the MG ZR 160 in todays Autocar.

"Poor driving position also contrives to spoil the fun- how many times must MG have heard the words "I am sitting too high" spocken about their models? "Are all their designers only 5 foot tall?"

It seems i am not the ONLY one to think that ZS and ZR need better lower seats. If anyone can get the message across to MGR please do.


I'd love to put a needle on megas seat,that a get him sitting higher.

Perhaps some drivers dont want their ar*e scraping on the tarmac,just 'cos Needell likes peering thru' the gap between the speedo and the steering wheel like 4'6" 85 year old.I like to see and be seen,not hide under the dash like most F*rd drivers have to!.

I tried a ZR 160 last week and as a 6-foot, 16-stone lump, I had no trouble fitting into the car and I found the driving position alright. Maybe I'm not conditioned to the Italian 'gorilla' driving style, or the F*rd 'reach across to the offset steering wheel' position! Maybe Tiffany Dell needs to remember that this car is designed to travel on the Queen's highway where vision is required, rather than up the tailpipe of another car at warp 8 round Silverstone (before spinning off.....Tiffany's usual trick!)

Decided years ago that anything "Tiffany Dell" says about any motor vehicle you can usually take with a pinch of the proverbial ..... very questionable judgement and I believe Tiff deliberately sets out to needle ...

All credibility shot away in my books. Dont rate the geezer!

I'm six foot and 14 stone but even so, I placed Metro 20mm seat spacers under the rear mounts on my Montegos' seats thus raising them exactly to my liking. Apart from important visibilty and comfort aspects, most cars I've driven on a day to day basis with low seats quickly become tiresome in traffic or over a longer distance. Puzzles me many drivers also lower the seat backs to give an arms fully stretched driving position. Perhaps it's cool! Well M. Schumacher and co all drive like that so it must be best way to go!! Next time you see "in car" driver shots of the WRC cars in action, note the ergonomics of the drivers position and controls. There's a world of difference between 90 minutes blast round a GP circuit and 2000km over all sorts of terrain in a top world class three day rally. Go figure.

I have yet to sit in a ZR but have been in a ZS .... suits me Sir! ..... :-)

That new mgtf - looks and sounds the business - look Mum, no Bavarian influence .... good eh!

Happy MotorinG
John McFeely

I am wrong , Tiff is wrong, Autocar is wrong, Autoexpress is wrong, Driven is wrong, Its all a plot aganist MGR. Hmmm yes it will be on the X files soon!

Skoda RS Turbo, Spot on driving position and Recaros.
Ford Focus St 170 (Soon) as above and MGR wonder while there sales are falling like a stone.

Yes John
I like the new TF, i wish well. I don't blame MGR for there problems its BMW. I see the MINI and EVEN the new 7 SERIES are in BIG trouble.

Who are they going to blame?

B** have no-one to blame but themselves for the 116, they threw out the logical, accesible "Spiritual" concept and hastily replaced it with the American designed, fashion-driven impractical bastardisation spewing forth from Cowley now. It came in way over budget, and they don't have the slightest clue how to replace it when the time comes. Which in these novelty-hungry days will not be long.

And, believe me people, blood will run in the gutters at Land Rover and Jag before the blossom is on the trees......

Oh hell, if his only complaint was the driving position then I'd be quite happy!


No two people the same ... ever.

Thus, it's perfectly possible that we're all right, or wrong. Simply depends on the individual's viewpoint and personal preference.. You like Fords, I dont. You like low seats, I dont ..... so it goes.

Anyway, welcome back. You appear to be in a more reasonable mode of late .... good, keep it up .. :)

P.S. X-files is no more ....... and you're on the right track: It's all a devious plot to undermine our continued existence in life as we know it .... keep em peeled! .. :)

P.P.S. Re sales. Please define: Sales, Registrations and Profits.... and explain why some company feels it essential to shed 35,000 employees.
John McFeely


>And, believe me people, blood will run in the gutters at Land Rover and Jag before the blossom is on the trees...... <

Beware the ides of wossname ....

Cant bring yourself to utter the B** word eh. Perfectly understandable. Sadly many Brits still feel able too ..... colleague at work asks why the local BMW dealership wants 140 plus for a simple "oil service" (his words). It's a B** dummy.
John McFeely

Bad news,ST Focus has been shelved due to cost cutting at F*rd,as reported in AutoExpress last week.Tough luck matey!!.

Pity that the Focus ST is being shelved, from the pics in CAR it had some very good features - the alloy wheels looked like copies of MG Straights. Pity about the seats though - look about as comfy and supportive as the deck chairs in a Fiat Panda

The Focus RS is one that i think you mean. I have already seen the ST170 being tested. The seats are nice they are the latest from Recaro. By the way Vauxhall also fit Recaros to there range like the so to be here Asrta Turbo.

Astra Turbo- september

Supercharged ZS long B4 that...
Ann Insider

The recaro seats in the ST Focus are an option - the standard seats are fords own design.

Read this weeks Autoexpress, page 18.
By the way JJ, the real one sends his regards.

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