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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Track Use - Should MGR honour the warranty?

After track use, should you expect the warranty on the brakes/steering/suspension/engine/gearbox to be valid?

Go figure....

Comments please :)

Guess this is posted after my track day (see ! This has been hammered out by Colt Cars (EVO's) in the past and clutches and brakes are normally exempt.

My cars perfect BTW, except some warped discs and I'm paying for 'em to be replaced.
Jerry Flint

Nice plug there Jerry ;)

It should be pointed out though, that how would a dealer know that it had been on the track - only if you tell them - simple - don't tell them! ;)

Also Jerry, how did you warped the discs? They shouldn't warp from one track day if looked after!?

I'll see how peopel fair after my track day (

lol ;)

Steve Childs

No you should not expect warranty after track day use, I dont think anybody expects it! I surprised you even asked the question!!



Steve your point?

The trackday wasn't one organised by the Forum. It was an MX5 event that I happened to go to, with 4 other MG's because I like driving - the MX5's didn't turn up. :-)

Plus, not looked after - slowing down time was done and no brakes on while parked (standard rules). Curious have you done a trackday this year Steve?

Sixth trackday this year in fact 4 different cars - EVO VII - ZT190 - MGF Trophy - ZR160. I'm not a driver in the mould of Rob Bell, but I do enjoy driving and thus maybe a littel too hard on the brakes. Tiz a risk you take doing track days - standard rules I'm afraid.

The EVO boys spend serious money on AP upgrades to 6-pot kits and new bells.

First time I've warped 'em - good fun mind you doing it. Also pleased that they only cost 90 a pair. he 6-pot kit for the EVO was 1900! Wowsa's.

I agree with Kelvin - brakes are consumables.


Jerry Flint

Jerry spot on! The guy is only trying to score ponts off you for his trackday!

George Hunt

"No you should not expect warranty after track day use"

While i agree that ware and tear items should not be covered the rest of the car warranty should still be honoured as MG Rover heavily pushed the zed cars as track day weapons when they were launched.
I think Mr Flint should be applauded for his track day antics as this draws attention from other car enthusiasts of the Zeds exceptional track day performance.

Cheers Cecil

Cecil Cousins


I phoned MG Competition Dept and asked them about uprated brakes for the ZT. Chap was very impressed that I had track dayed the ZT. He had lost of bits for ZR's and ZS's.


Do you want a sequential gearbox for your ZS?


Jerry, did you take the ZT on a track day? Wish I was there to see that!!! Next time eh? ;o)

It's been a very long time since my car was last covered by warranty - but I wouldn't expect 'consumables' such as brakes, clutch, tyres etc to be covered. I would anticipate that the engine and chassis would still be covered though? Although, I can see an argument that would invalidate the warranty on these items based on non-road useage...
Rob Bell

The warranty is only voided if you tell them.

Rob sure did use the ZED TEE. Fantastic handling machine that's a bit short on power.

It was the third outing for the ZT this year.

1st at the Kernahan day at Combe.
2nd at the Rally Supercar day at Combe (organised by the Lancer Register {}). Brilliant day too.
3rd at Binbrook.

All fantastic days and I'm sure if Kev Neal sees this he'll say the same.

Hope to attend the next in trackday in March and hope that the well driven F of Rob Bell is there to provide something to overtake! :-)

Jerry Flint

I was privileged to get a ride in Jerry's ZT190 around Binbrook the other weekend. Not only was I impressed with the Zed's handling and performance but also Mr Flint's driving.

I have been on an Advanced Saloon Car Instruction course held at 3 Sisters Racing Circuit near Wigan and everything I was taught then Jerry was doing.

I have to say, to stir things up a bit, that ragging my ZR+ 120 round the same track with Jerry (I was one of the 4 MGs on track that very wet day) I was timed as having a faster lap time (by an independent timer!).

But seriously, the performance and handling of all 4 MGs (ZR+ 105, ZR+ 120, ZS 120 and ZT 190) was amazing and I think we opened many an eye from those who'd turned up in race prepared Astra GTEs, VW Golfs, etc, etc and were beaten into submission by "lowly Rover 25s, 45s and 75s"!!!

BTW, the full low-down on Binbrook (incl pics of the dirtiest zeds in the world including my 48 hour old shiny Janspeed twinpipe then reduced to bloody mess!) can be found at

If you fancy joining us, get on board with the ONLY non-commercial forum dedicated for ENTHUSIASTS of all MG Rover products but specialising in ZR, ZS, ZT and F/TF.


Looking forward to March then Jerry! :o)

I'll blag a ride with you if you've got the Zed Tee there! :o))

Mooted the idea of possibly getting one of the new R45/TCVs when they come out. Circumstances have changed a little, so the 75 is, IMO, too big for us.

I presume the new car will also spawn a MG derivative??? Anyone know for sure?
Rob Bell

Sigh, Jerry it was meant in jest (hence the ;)'s), I was not trying to "score points". I was however honestly interested to hear how the ZT brakes had warped, I didn't know it was the third outing for your ZT.

Simple, if you're going to take everything I say as a personal jibe, I won't say anything to you. :

I am not as sad or pathetic to try and score points off anyone, I was mearly replying in a humourous (at least I thought) way and asking a serious question.


Steve Childs

OK! No attack, just a response to the post. :-)

The brakes are being replaced on Monday. I'm not sure if everyones aware but the ZT160 brakes are 284mm (same as the R75).

The ZT+190 are 325mm and are specific to the ZT range. Also, upgrading to green stuff if they can be sourced (oe pads are not in stock at the moment).


More than welcome to have a ride at the March venue! After owning both a R75 and a ZT. I find I like the interior of the R75 and the powertrain, external looks of the ZT.

Jerry Flint

Steve, Wasn't it some-one else who suggested the 'points scoring'. With regard to posts being humorous, guess after a while you get used to having smilies available to attach to posts.


Fraid it was me JLD, guess Steve is a little paranoid!

:) ;) :)
George Hunt

Jerry, do ensure that any non OE pads used are e marked as non e marked pads are an illegal fuit since April this year and this rule applies to owner, supplier and fitter. It's a matter dealt with as other vehicle defects such as defective tyres.

Whilst the practicalities involves are almost certain never to generate a roadside check that looks at brake pads, if you were unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident then examination may well follow and fitting of parts that do not comply with current legislation would certainly give you serious problems. Any claims would see the insurance comapany provide third party cover as required, but then they would not cover your losses, and sue you for their losses.

BTW all cars registered after Set 1st 1999 (V registration) are in the same position.

Roger Parker

Never mind all the banter, what was that I spotted about MG competition Dept & bits for ZS's.

And whats George doing in Japan ?

Roger Baby ;)
Do you think one of those 820 airbox conversions would work on the ZS180? got to be better than sticking a piper-x filter on the throttle body soaking in all that heat.

Roger, point noted - will ask Kernahan's. Trouble is with no MGR oe pads around it makes life difficult.

MG Competitions - give 'em a ring Mr LMG? They supply all the ZR/ZS bits for their competition cars.

Also a gree about your induction policy - a kit that drags in Hot air is definite MINUS!
Jerry Flint

unless it's changed (again) recently, the policy of MG Sport & Racing is to only sell parts at special discount to competition licence holders :-) Everything that has a part number should be orderable via a dealer anyway...


I am sure you would be able to outsource pads from a Delphi Lockheed source, Lucas Girling, Mintex or similar 1st line brake manufacturers. The pads will be off the shelf items for these major players as MGR will be using an off the shelf set up. is a good clear site and follow the 'product' and 'e marking' links for a clear interpretation of the legal aspects. There are also contact details where you should be able to chase up pad supplies too.


Oh yes I see some decent scope for this sort of application. I know that the benefits of the ITG on my car are concentrated in the 3000 to 4500 rpm areas and yes you really can feel that. It will be interesting to see how Rob Bell gets on with his MGF set up when compared to others on the potential Emerald rolling road visit that is being set up on the F board.

Roger Parker


Thanks for the advice, but I want to keep the car "warrantied" and will not be sourcing anything that will void it.

Green stuff was mentioned by my dealer as a substitute for OE parts. Whatever they deem "legal" will be fitted, as the car is my daily runner and I don't want to void the warranty.

I don't think I'll be using the car again on track, instead if funds are forthcoming I'll buy a "track" car and won't be worried about the fitment of non standard parts!

Just wish the 385 was around the corner and not 10 blocks away!
Jerry Flint

>>I know that the benefits of the ITG on my car are concentrated in the 3000 to 4500 rpm areas and yes you really can feel that.<<

That's very interesting Rog, because that's exactly the same area that I feel the improvement with the '820 mod. Fantastic for overtaking slow moving traffic ;o)

LMGZS180, Steve Taylor has installed the '820 airbox in his ZR - he's over the moon with the modification. This is great news, as it seems that it is a mod that'll pay big dividends on any MGR model fitted with the K-series :o)
Rob Bell

After track use, should you expect the warranty on the brakes/steering/suspension/engine/gearbox to be valid?

Go figure....

Comments please :)"

Oh be quiet you tragedy. You'd really have to be a very poor driver to actually damage your car with limit track work. You'd have to be an either bigger spazzo to actually tell your dealer you'd f*cked your car on the circuit.

Do you have any idea what a car goes through during durability schedule? jaguar will typical run a Rough road durabilty of about 20,000 km over belgian blocks, gravel, and assorted potholes. The test will be repeated on a four post shaker, usually to a simulated 42,000km.

A vehicle will be run on a heat soak test, where it is belted around at 8,000km @ 80km, 10,000 @ 120kmh, 8,000 @ 160km/h and finally 4000 @ 200kph.

Short of actually crashing your car, there is very little which you could do in your infrequent track days that would significantly wear your car. Obviously tyres and brakes are an exception, but these are only covered for defects, not for wear.

Your far more likely to do damage to the powertrain in your daily drive to the high street.


All fixed under warranty.
Jerry Flint

Jonesy I take it you work for Jag then by your concise reply. In which case go get on a Jag board. 'tragedy' to coin a phrase is very appropriate - Grow up !!!!

No wonder the MG warranty bill is so high!

Someone is postung in my name. How do i know, because my cars not fixed - there are no PADS in STOCK anywhere?
Jerry Flint

Good morning Jerry
Had any luck selling the "Fag",Sorry MGF?
Why do you come to this BB, when you have your own?
Not TOO many members?
I don't see Steve from MG-Rover coming here to fish new members!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Very strange - I don't think anybody who is who they say they are here, that includes you MEGA.

Just checked out both of those Forums and both are very busy.

BTW MEGA could be anyone - including Steve.

Heh, I've been accused of being many things, but that's the first time I've been accused of being Mega.

That's one reason why I (and a reason why I believe Jerry also) started up our own boards, its way too easy for someone else to post as you on these boards, which is a shame.


Steve Childs

Mega's only jealous cause he knows he wouldn't get away with it elsewhere he'd just get deleted, unless that is he somehow managed to put a constructive post together.

As usual, Jonesy knows where of he speaks. His explanation to Jaguar when he wrecked a company car was that he was only travelling at 35 MPH and couldn't contol the car while evading a farm implement.
Easily Confused

Why don't all you guys who have enjoyed track days get a bit more involved and do some speed events (sprints and hill climbs) The MGCC have a great championship and lots of your local motor clubs will run such events and its all under MSA rules and insurance which makes it much safer than most track days. You might event win an award!
Graeme Forrester

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