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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Tuning ZT260

OK it had to happen.
The Darkside is calling

I had the airhorns fitted to the V8 and it's a much better sound, Trident did a good installation too even the horns match the paint!

Whilst I was in there the service manager mentioned that there is a customer of theirs who is looking into getting his V8 tuned up with Mustang parts, including gas flowed heads, hotter cams and a small supercharger.

All the things that Rog Parker said would result in a siginificant improvement to the performance of the car.

Does anybody know anything else abut where what and how much?

I am sure that Dave Andrews could port the cylinder heads for you Neil. As for the cams and supercharger, your best bet maybe to contact a US car specialist importer.

Techspeed have recently restored a '67 Corvette for a customer, and seem to have established a number of contacts via that route. Perhaps you could talk to them to see how interested they'd be in working on your MG?
Rob Bell

PS You could also talk to Piper cams, who actually might be quite interested in moving into this market?
Rob Bell

Wasn't there some talk of Rousch setting up a UK facility? (The guys that did the testing on the proto-types and the awesome Bonneville caravan puller ZT-T!

Martin ZT

What air horns did you get fitted, Neil, and do they play Dixie?

Rog Sent me this site

Oh dear!
new heads with cams 220 each
and all sorts of other toys K&N type thing 14bhp for 100

We will see what gives but the Darkside has never been darker!!!

just check this

390bhp for ... 1900!!!


No they dont play a daft tune they just go BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

not unlike a classic Lancia, very nice actually!

Remember This IS about taste!


This thread was discussed on 03/09/2004

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