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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - water leek on zt

hi can any one help me.I have a 75. water getting in to the rear passengers side of the car. i have removed about half a gallon. is this a common problem if so how can it be fixed. many thanks in advance andy.


There were periods when MGR ran short of MIG welding wire so not all joints got welded 100% - thus causing your water leak.


Eric is that right. there would be a safety issue with the welds not being 100%? do you know were to look to see if this is the case with my car. could it also be blocked drain channel?? We had some very bad wind and rain on friday. after this rain i noticed the water. i have not noticed it in the past. my car is 4 years old so i dont know wear i stand with warranty claim for water getting in the car.

do you have a sunroof? could be a roof drain has got blocked...
David S

no i have no sun roof. also the water is very clean so i think we can say that its not spray of the road. but not to sure wear its coming from. andy

Do you use a pressure washer on the car. I do on my ZT, but do not have a problem with water in the boot.
However, As to welded joints and running short of wire, this is not 1970's.....I doubt that any company working to QS (ISO 9000) standards would allow shells to be assembled that hadn't been properly welded. The 75/ZT line is fully automated with robotis spot welds. Spot welds do not stop water entering, hence, the seams are usually sealed with a jointing compount to stop water ingress. It is possible there is a poor seal on a window or perhaps a missing grommet. I would suggest, that you have someone climb inside the boot to observe (put the folding rear seat down to allow air circulation, and then start with a garden hose running water over the body. If this doesn't work, then a pressure washer may show up the leak point.
Why do this yourself - well at least you'll know for sure it's fixed properly. Unless your dealer is proactive here, it could take several visits to resolve properly!
Hope that helps. Have to say this i the first I have heard of such a leak problem, and haven't experienced it on my 75 or my current ZT. I haven't seen it mentioned on MGOC or Xpowerforum either.
Martin ZT

thanks for the constructive advice. the water is in the rear passangers foot well. i have looked to see if i can see wear the water is coming from but to no avail. i have lifted the carpet to allow it to dry but that foam under the carpet holds a lot of water. i was thinking of putting kitchen roll in various places, like under the rear passenger seat and behind the plastic trim wear the seat belt is to see if any of them get wet. i hope that will give me some idea wear its coming from. do you know if there are any grommets on that side of the car or drain aways that could be blocked.
Many thanks Andy

hi just been looking at mr 75 and found a lot of water under the brake master cylinder compartment. Found two drain aways blocked on the top right/left inner wings. this solves my problem with water collecting here. My question is. Is there a drain away in this compartment. there are a couple of rubber grommets but i dont want to pull them out as they might go into the cabin. Any one have any ideas. Andy

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