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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Weird electrical problem with ZS Diesel

How about this? I had a ZS diesel hire car while my MGF was having a new cambelt fitted. Nice car, but I didn't think the diesel engine suited it, but that's another story.

I was travelling down the motorway and decided that I was really too close to the steering wheel. So I lifted off the throttle to avoid a kangaroo effect and proceeded to move the seat back. At this point the car died and all the lights went out, including the dash odometer.

I managed to get it to the nearside - badly shaken.

I turned the ignition off, back on again and everything was back to normal. It started OK and never did anything else all day.

When I told the main dealer they looked at me like I had made it up! Later they, said "I think we will have to sell that car", but wouldn't go any further.

Has this happened to anyone else - and to think I was thinking of a ZS in the future!


I would have thought to adjust your seat, whilst the vehicle is moving, is not such a good idea.

Anyway, I wonder if the SRS conector which is located under the seat came adrift and caused some sort of 'panic' in the elctrical system? Did u push the seat back with some force??


Agree, with Kelvin, best to sort out seating position before moving off, and most likely cause is te electrical connections under the seat.
Martin ZT

I think you guys are right. No, I agree that it isn't a good idea to adjust a seat while on the move, but hands up all those who have!

No matter how I adjust a seat while stationery it always seems to be way out once you have moved 200 yards down the road.

Still can't see how a loose SRS connector would cause total electrical meltdown - and no I didn't adjust the seat with any force.

I haven't written off a ZS, just waiting for the current contract to run out on the Saab - c13,500 for MG 180BHP v c21,000 for Saab 150BHP. Hm, tempting.

There is a nice Trophy yellow 51 plate ZS+ 1.8 locally in Norwich for 7995 with 32,000 miles. Looks very nice and genuine so would probably suit an enthusiast such as frequents this forum.


Another reason to steer clear of the Longbridge toys - how potentially dangerous is this fault??

The Dealers attitude absolutely astounds me.

On the other hand, I guess it doesn't.....they're too busy sorting out the K's HGF's & unhappy customers no doubt!

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