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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - What Car Target Price

Seriously looking at buying a ZS 180 4 door.

Told by the salesman that the What Car Target Price is bullxxxx. List price 17,295. WCTP 14,642.

Anyone any experience if the What Car price is totally way off the mark.

Thanks in advance, Charlie.
Charles Goozee

MG ZS 2.5 180, Saloon, 2004 04 Reg, X Power Grey. 17' alloys, airbag double + side, airconditioning, alarm, central doorlocks with remote control, Ex Demonstrator, fog lights, front bib spoiler, half leather interior, immobiliser, power steering, radio/cd, rear spoiler, side sill finishers, steering wheel adjustable in height, ABS, Electric mirrors, Electric windows. Call Ron 13,995

Mike (London Office)

The Priviledge Discount Scheme (MG clubs and at least one forum) offers cheaper list price. Worth investigating that.
Shop around the different dealers, though, some are willing to talk business on pricing.
Martin ZT

If you do your research you should come up with a much better price than the salesman offered!


Beware, some quoted prices are phantoms.

I ordered an 04 ZS180 from Allbrandsnew having beem quoted a very low price. I paid a deposit and signed a new car order form. After 2 weeks I was told that there had been a mistake and they cancelled my order and refunded my deposit. I was then told I could order an 03 model at this price, but I found that I could not place an order, because the sales manager would never speak to me on the phone.

I eventually ordered an 04 model, at a realistic price, from my local dealer. Due next week (I hope)

WCTP is probably about right (try, but I chose to pay a bit more and buy locally.

M Parris

Ordered it today using the MGOC discount scheme from Crawley Down Group.

Charles Goozee

So, I take it that's a ZS 180 4dr, what colour did you choose? Any other extras?
Nice choice - I would certainly consider this in 12 months if the V8 is too expensive to run!
Martin ZT

Swapping from a V8 to a V6 might not actually save you anything when you take into account depreciation and all the coss involved in swapping, also there is a quantum difference between the two cars.

I don't have a V8 yet! Just a V6 160! It's currently 2yrs and 48kmiles, owned since new. The real cost has been, apart from petrol, tyres every 24k or 12 months at 600 a set! Servicing hasn't been too bad and it's been very reliable.
I didn't choose the ZS180 2 yrs ago, despite the better performance and lower price, as I had already experienced the 420 vs the 75, so felt the ZT was the better choice then, in comfort and size, but having seen what they have done with the ZS 180 now, I would be hard pushed to choose between the ZS 180 and the ZT 260 in 12 months time if my other half allows me to even contemplate changing!
Martin ZT

Yes the ZS 180 saloon. In XPower Grey.
I took the family to see the car and get their approval. I hadn't even pointed it out, but they had already spotted the car they wanted, the 180 saloon.

I liked the car as it comes pretty well spec'ed as standard (I must admit I don't really like paying extra for the paint upgrade!). Oh and a space saver spare wheel.

With the MGOC discount the car did seem good value for money.

Um, I wonder how long before the induction kit !!!!

Charles Goozee

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