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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Which Engine oil in your MG ZS 120?

My car will soon be due for it's first engine oil change. Whatever stuff they used at the factory I'd like to use again for the car. In 10,000 miles, after reasonably careful progressive running in and moderately light use since, the level remains the same as when I first checked it on day one! Thus, with that in mind, I'd like to use the same 'factory fit' stuff again as results appear very good.

So, anyone observed similar good oil results with their ZS and what oils have been used since.

I know what oil my local MG-R use for servicing and it's not one of my favourites.

I'd dearly like to know what the factory use when supplying new engines. Anyone help here?

Thanks in advance.

John McFeely

John I saw on a post recently that said what oil was used at the factory, but can I find it now? NO!!

I think it was MartinW that named the oil. I'm sure he will spot this thread and tell us.


found it!!

"I believe MG R use ChevronTexaco at the factory"


ChevronTexaco are the approved supplier to MG R, but individual dealers use a local supply so brands vary.

I have had good success on oil consumption with Mobil 1 - 0W40, but it ain't cheap.

Martin ZT

There is a sticker in the engine bay of my new ZR which states 'MG recommends Mobil 1'

There wasn't one in my ZS as far as I can remember, so maybe a recent thing.

>>'MG recommends Mobil 1'

sticker saying it is, is one thing, but is it standard at buil? Anyone on here an engine builder at MGR?

Pretty sure the initial fill won't be Mobil1......

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