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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Which K&N?

I've just bought a ZR 105 & want to know which K&N kit I should be buying for it.
Thanks in advance.
David Lamb

I shouldn't bother!

Cone filter? = 57i

If you are going for a cone filter, you need cold air induction or the filter will draw in warm air and you will loose power rather than gain it.

Do they do a panel filter for the ZR? This might be worth considering, less money.

Scarlet Fever

We had a K&N panel in our ZR 105, made a difference. Also got one in my ZS 120, makes a bigger difference than an open cone (and I've tried both).

Not keen on open cone types. Had one on a R800 Turbo. Over the years, I've fitted K&N direct replacement filter elements to several of my cars. Sharper response and nicer induction sound in most cases. Not done so to my ZS yet in case of warranty problems.....
John McFeely

View and note that whilst this is done in a humerous way the underlying recorded power figures are accurate and representitive of what will be found on other cars.

Roger Parker

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