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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Woohooo! My Trophy Yellow ZT-T is ready for delivery!

Three months after i ordered it, my Trophy Yellow ZT-T 190 arrived at my dealer. Yellow looks stunning. The dealer is having the rims sprayed black before it is delivered.

I've put some pics online.

Anyone else ordered a Trophy Yellow ZT-T yet?

Cheers Koen

Sounds great, except for the black wheels.... Still, each to there own, but don't be surprised if people ask you why your wheels are dirty... :-)

Gareth Kidman

LOL Gareth :-) Black just makes the car a lil more agressive. I have black rims on my Lotus Elise as well. Just finishes it off :-)

Got a friend who had an EVO VI and had the wheels sprayed BLACK and now he has an EXIGE and has done the same - looks good.

Yellow ZT here's.htm

This car had DVD - Satnav - modified spoiler - retrimmed seats. I have my car booked in for the spoiler mod too.

Jerry Flint

Black wheels on a yellow car would be great, IMO

Hope they get the paint adhesion right.....peeling black paint ain't pretty

My silver MG ZT-T gets handed over to me this Saturday :)

Saw it being built at Longbridge last week too :))
David Knowles

Good on you Dave. Saw my fisrt ZT in Silver last week, looked good.
J T Flint

I would have dearly loved to have the gunmetal ultra lightweight wheels on my TF160, but found it too hard to justify the extra £1500!!!! Would still love them though!
chris watton


That will certainly turn some heads, I still haven't seen a ZT-T on the road, yet.

K Blades

"Three months after i ordered it, my Trophy Yellow ZT-T 190 arrived at my dealer."

Must be nice. <sniff>
Norman Fair

>>Saw it being built at Longbridge last week too :)) <<

I suspect that we'll all be seeing it being built shortly, eh David? ;o)

Koen, I am seriously envious mate! WOW! :o)

With black wheels, that will be one awsome machine! I'd love to see the pix when it is ready?

Rob Bell

Rob, it should be ready this week. Ill post a msg here when i get the first pics of the 'dirty' rims on my site :-)

Cheers Koen


>>Saw it being built at Longbridge last week too :)) <<

I suspect that we'll all be seeing it being built shortly, eh David? ;o)

aw - you guessed!!!
David Knowles

Got it this morning, from Imperial Rover in Ruislip. Brilliant!!!
David Knowles

Mr Knowles, kindly tell us of the secret new vehicles being dreamt up by MG-R up at Longbridge.

If you can't do that can you do what you usually do and drop vague-but-tantalising hints that get all and sundry on this BBS worked up to fever pitch at the prospect of surprising new models from a fast-thinking company with its back to the wall.

Perhaps you could start a new thread. Call it "The David Knowles' vague-but-tantalising hints about future Rovers and MGs thread." Or what about, "The Mysterious World of David Knowles." Or "The Vague-But-Tantalising World of David Knowles."

Mr Knowles, are you like this in you interpersonal relationships?

For instance, when you were thinking of buying the ZT-T did you torment your wife buying dropping vague-but-tantalising hints that you were about to purchase a large, performance estate car? Did the converstion go like this:

DK: Mrs Knowles, I am thinking of using some of the not inconsiderable amount of savings I have accrued from the authorship of specialist books to purchase a large, sporting estate car.

Mrs DK: Must you always drop vague-but-tantalising hints about your purchasing choices into our conversations? Now that you have, though, I must confess that I am tantalised by your vague hint. Is it a Volvo of some description? Or perhaps a SAAB 95?

DK: I cannot tell you, Mrs Knowles, other than to say that I have spent my adult life chronicling the events
of that fine old British marque, the Morris Garages formerly of Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxon. That being so, it must be obvious - even to you, my dove - that the large, performance estate car I am thinking of purchasing, with the vast sum of money I have accrued from the authorship of specialist books, could not possibly be from that country renowned for its flat-packed furniture and general sexual incontinence - I am referring here to the recent romantic entanglement of Mr Sven Goran Eriksson and Miss Ulrika Jonsson.

(Mr Peebles: I am willing to bet that he speaks like this.)

Mrs DK: Surely you're not thinking of buying a secondhand Scorpio estate with velour trim and the 2.9 litre pushrod, injected "Cologne" unit? The unit that was originally copied by Ford in the 1950s from a design by Lancia?

DK: You mean the V6 that was first used by Lancia in its Aurelia? Fear not, my pet: I shall not be purchasing a Scorpio with the obscene amounts of money that I have accrued from the authorship of specialist books. You know, since it has been some hours since I had lunch I am also thinking of purchasing an edible chocolate comestible for my digestive pleasure. But can you guess which one? Here is a clue: nougat, nuts, and caramel covered in a smooth, thick milk chocolate.

Mrs DK: Dammit, David, must you be so vague, mysterious, and tantalising?

DK: I will tell you then: the large, performance estate car I am thinking of purchasing with the monies I have accrued from the authorship of specialist books is none other than the MG ZT-T. But as far as the chocolate comestible is concerned, my lips are sealed.

Mrs DK: Oh, David, and I was hoping that we were going to get a Passat.
Mr Peebles

Very good Mr. Peebles! You should try writing for money. Not that much money ever comes into the equation...

Actually, it was 'Mrs Knowles' who pushed us into getting a ZT-T, to replace the disgracefully unreliable LR Freelander we had put up with for the last three years. But that's another story.
David Knowles

Yes, but which chocolate comestible did you buy?
Mr Peebles

Hey they've put the steering wheel on the wrong side, should be rectified under warranty :-))

Ah - the chocolate comestible, you ask? Well you were on the right track with the ingredients you so sagely suggested, and they had of course been proposed to me most eloquently by that dark doyenne of culinary good taste, Ms. Ann MG Writer, but I'm afraid that some Liverpudlian personage of dubious background and parentage and peculiarly aberrant spelling tendencies has since intimated that my friend was completely misguided with regard to the mixture, despite having learnt of it firts hand, and now clearly neither of us are to be trusted in our ramblings of half-divulged secrets and subterfuges (good God - I've caught it too now!).
David 'Tantalising Man of Mystery' Knowles

'firts hand'? and he talks of spelling aberrations? Hah!
Ann MG Writer

I think you guys are high on somthing!
Staying hass free tonight, test drive tomorrow morning:)


Mr Peebles.

Although I enjoyed the first draft of your forthcoming play I hope you wont mind if I offer a little criticism.

I think the role of Mrs DK is woefully underwritten. Her character didn't really develop in any meaningful way and the only glimpse into her inner life came with the revelation that the Ford 2.9 litre pushrod, injected "Cologne" unit was originally copied from a design by Lancia. And am I the only one here who thought the denouement rather weak and unsatisfying?

Having said that with a little further work I believe
that "The Knowleses of Ruislip" could become one of the West End smashes of the year.

The main problem with be with casting the play.

Few actors have the combination of subtlety and power required to convey the maelstrom of angst that is contained within David Knowles.

My preferences would be for Sir Derek Jacobi and Felicity Kendall as Mr and Mrs DK. Marianne Faithfull could play the chocolate comestible. And Brian Blessed would be perfect casting as the ZT-T.

Peter Hall to direct.
Mr Zachariah

May I suggest say how much I have enjoyed reading the above extracts of the forthcoming West End hit. Perhaps a musical could be considered too. A good old sing song usually draws in the crowds so that the monies accrued from the authorship of specialist books can be supplemented with larger and more dependable sums. After all, specialist books, by definition, only appeal to certain market segments.

How about "I Knowles Everything - The Vague-But-Tantalising World of David Knowles". Of course, this would have to be renamed for the Broadway as the Yanks would be expecing "II Knowles Everything" as the there's an idea!!!

I look forward to proof reading your next works.
Game For A Laugh

Ann MG Writer who will remain anonymous

Have you seen the new MG ZT-T rapid response ambulances (see new press release)? They're Trophy Yellow ...
David Knowles

How vague-but-tantalising of you to refer to the press release without posting a link, David!
Nurse Duffy

"Look Duffy, I'm very busy. I've got all this paperwork to throw round my little cubby-hole office every few minutes when there's a slight problem and I just don't have time."
Department Leader

MG’s ZT-T has been chosen by West Midlands and Shropshire Ambulance Services as their 'Rapid-Response Vehicle', specified to attend emergency incidents, ideally within 8 minutes of notification. The Trophy Yellow estate cars, with green reflective Battenburg livery, will soon be patrolling the counties.

The MG ZT-T features sports suspension and a 2.5-litre quad-cam V6 engine to produce an accomplished on-road performance characteristic that is entirely suitable for rapid response requirements. Combined with its versatile estate bodystyle, with stylish tailgate, separately hinged opening rear window and a potential 1222-litres of practical loadspace, the ZT-T will carry the Incident Commander and Paramedic Technicians quickly to their emergency destination.

The rapid-response MG specification is a standard ZT-T 190, with a multitude of standard features that include air conditioning and 18" alloy wheels. An optional integral loadspace cassette has been specified for the safe carriage and restraint of the considerable incident equipment, which includes; oxygen therapy, cardiac defibrillators, entonox, maternity and paediatric pack, burns bag, cervical collars, splints and first aid bag. Plans for major incidents, site maps, body bags, triage cards and contacts for agencies and hospitals are also carried.

Additional special items include the light roof bar, radio communications and a reverse-decal ‘Ambulance’ livery on the bonnet and on the West Midlands Ambulance Service car ‘RESPONDER’ on its tailgate.

Bob Seaward, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Operations for both West Midlands and Shropshire Ambulance Services said: "I am always looking at new initiatives to assist in the delivery of patient care to the communities. When we evaluated the MG ZT-T we were most impressed with its performance and considered this would help our staff in providing the best possible response to emergencies within our operational area.

"The two MG ZT-T vehicles will be used by Incident Commanders who will operate these vehicles 24 hours per day, responding to life threatening incidents across the West Midlands and Shropshire."

Gavin Thompson, specialist sales manager, MG Rover Group, said: "The feedback prompted by the Police specification MG ZT-T, has generated a number of emergency service enquiries for this Rapid Response Vehicle. With its powerful quad-cam V6 engine and versatile luggage capacity, the ZT-T provides the necessary combination of performance motoring and estate car functionality - ideal for an emergency Rapid Response Vehicle.

"I’m confident the new MG will be a popular choice – both in active use and for those that see it performing an active role. You certainly won’t miss seeing the bright yellow ZT-T!"

The MG ZT-T continues to be successfully evaluated by Police Forces across the UK for motorway patrol and a number have already been ordered for active Police duty, following the introduction of Police MG ZT Saloons.

Ann MG Writer

My lips are already moistening at the prospect of bringing the life of David Knowles to the stage.

Sir Derek Jacobi is VERY interested (off the record, of course.) Flick Kendall agrees with Mr Zachariah's analysis: she will only be interested in playing the role of Mrs DK if it can be beefed up a bit. Perhaps a descent into madness?

As for the role of ZT-T: Tony Hopkins has declared an interest but he stresses that any load carrying is strictly out of the question - he has been a martyr to his back for some years now. Poor Love.

Richard Eyre to direct.
Sheridan Morley

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