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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Your HELP Need

Your help needed!
I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen but I am getting a bit Pissed off when I see the Local plod using "Enemy Equipment" (BMW). I have already "Shared" my thought with the Chief constable! I would ask all on this web site to please do the same!

1 You should not use terms like p......d off when addressing Ladies & Gentlemen !
2These same terms had previously been addressed to your own participation on certain topics, but you took no notice of them !

Pi** off Desmond!

At last
Mega has found someone to defend him
Hope they go off together & leave us all alone !.

Whatever the argument with Mega, it has to be said he has a valid point. After all, we pay for the wretched things.

I don't believe it Just got back from being out of the country all week only to find that I am agree wholeheartedly with Mega on a subject.
Amazing, well done Mega, it's also been a pet hate of mine for sometime now, the police forces of Britain using tax payers money to purchase non UK manufactured cars.


So your back from Rub-er-dub, how where the "Rag Heads"? I was a bit worried to hear that your female drives a Metro. Look Pro seriously I am concerned about her safety.

The Metro is a bloody death trap. There are quicker ways to kill her but none more certain! I wouldn’t even let the woman next store get one (I talked her into a Vauxhall).

Surly you love your woman? Or is that it Pro. You want a "Happy accident"? If the case let me know, I can put you in touch with some "Specialists" here in Liverpool.
Best Regards.

Oh well, he's back to form.
The Metro/100 is only unsafe if, like NCAP, you drive at an exact 38 mph into solid steel formations at half the car's width. Oh, and you must be propelled by external forces, and not the said vehicles power unit. And dont forget the pinioning cables.
Just about all manufacturers agree that the test is flawed.

By the way Mega, The Ford dealers in your area are-
M&S Ford, Ellesmere Port.
Skyway Ford, Speke
Quicks of Trafford and Altrincham

Please visit one and buy something ASAP. THANXS.

Oh dear, what a HUGE disappointment, just when I thought our captive scouse-boy had recovered we get more mega-Crap this time about the Metro.

ALL cars are death traps MEGA! and remember, all the ABS, recaro seats (wha?), bags of air, sooper-dooper seat belts, big brakes, crumple zones, side impact structures and all the other sales safety gimmicks are WORTHLESS if the nut behind the steering wheel is suspect ..... you're grounded lad so off to bed with you at once ..... :)
John McFeely

It only got one star! I saw the pictures and Rover sacked off the car quicky as they could . As for my driving i am off across the Formby moss in the GTI-6 in about 10 mins to nip to Tesco. Hope i come across a BMW!

Mega, Egypt Fine. Ragheads perfectly charming and worried about my personal welfare. It's Ramadam, they are not allowed to eat or drink during daylight hours but as a "Christian" they were very concerned that I was fed, watered and happy at all times. Totally charming people. But you wouldn't know that, would you Mega!
You ought to travel a bit more - say for ever.

In Egypt I visited AAV-Jeep & Mercedes plants. Last month I was at BMW, GM, Ford, and VW RSA.
Yes Mega I visit automotive companies all the while, and you know what the cars are all made out of pressed steel parts that are welded together and then painted.

I agree some cars are more safer than others, but not much, 14,16 & 18 swg steel, any impact over 25 MPH and you can expect a visit to the local A & E. No cars are safe - Period. As long as you realise that you are fine & no Mega I am not a scary cat, I also ride motorbikes, I am just a realist.
Nice to see that your spelling has improved though. Did you take my advice?

By the way I have friends at Ford Koln and BMW Munich, do you know what the Gernans call the UK? Monkey Island.
Nice to know that you are securing the future pensions et al for these people's when you next buy a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW and of course most Fords.


I sure they call us lot of differant things. I am also sure that you didn't have the balls to give it back to them!

Did you remind them of there resent atempt to kill every Jew they could?

I am VERY pleased, na Delighted that my Grandfather was able to kill so many of them! (He in "ACES HIGH!"). I must have his "SPITFIRE DNA" because i zapped a 3 serise last night!

This thread started with a valid observation badly presented and has once more degenerated into an insignificant slanging area.

I am very pro MGR and was also directly responsible for the purchase of two 5 series BMW saloons for Police Use in my former occupation since 1995. The reasons for this are wide and complicated and also restricted by political and Government red tape. Also the simple fact that there was no British built competitor for the job specification does somewhat restrict you to overseas products.

As Jaguar is about the only British built competitor in the segment your looking at, Omega is EC built and Ford have nothing, it was on the short list. In the Mid 90's was the ageing Rover 800, which was bought locally, but was seriously incapable of doing the job and providing reliability under the severe operating conditions. The Jag was better, but it too suffered from periods of downtime and other shortcomings. The overall situation being that running costs were very high.

Omega was NOT a good replacement for the Senator 24V, Competent, but for this type of use flawed and inferior to it's forebear. Scorpio was a disaster and so much worse than the prev Granada Cosworth, end of story!!

Mark the arrival of the Volvo T5 which achieved real levels of efficiency and reliability. (Unlike it's Swedish competitor from Saab) However for some aspects use of a car not common to the liveried fleets is needed and so there is very little choice, especially when for most applications you are restricted to the Polcie specials created specifically by manufacturers for the UK Police market. Essentially thay left only the 5 series.

The record of that first car has been without equal having suffered only two non routine failures, a PAS seal problem and one rear end by a stolen HGV. This with well over 200K miles use.

On the basis of this it's replacement was also a 5 series, but not without looking at the now smaller Police market availability) Jaguar had improved the XJ6, but it retained all the previous basic shortcomings from the original design. The S Type was here but at the time Police specs were not initially available and when they were for some reason only the 3 litre V6 was available, not the proven V8 which is what you get with the XJ6. See what I mean about complications. In additions the S Type is unproven (in this field) and being as legislation requires 'best value' known quantity products are then favoured as this can be quantified and defended at audit time.

The Police vehicle market is a really complicated one and in recent years has been squeezed by politics and legislation. Both have seriously reduced the Fleet managers options and this shows in the vehicles purchased. Note that the occasional one off purchase for a 'squad' or the supply under 'sponsorship' arrangements will see many single showroom spec vehicles. These are always a resricted proportion of the fleet.

These are just some of the many hidden areas behind the purchase of fleets that are used by the Police.


Roger Parker

I did think not to mention this but what the hell. For some time after the launch of the R75 I was directly involved in the pressure for a Police spec car to be made available in this range. With MGRs creation I was very interested to be involved in the discussions concerning the development of a Police Spec ZT and ZTT.

Although I retired earlier this year these contacts have continued and the first fruits are now public. Unfortunatlely the restrictions I mention above will create a real block to early volume purchases, but expect to see some dem cars about and then some one off purchases which will be run for 6 to 12 months for long term evaluation.

Roger Parker

...And, IIRC, BMW did not want to prepare a Plod spec version of the 75 at it's launch to save it competing against the 5 series! Ignoring the fact that the old 800 sold in bucketloads to traffic divisions across the UK, this just about sums up Munichs attitude.
The present Mrs. Harrison is ex-Cumbria Police, and her recommendation of stability and safety was a main factor in my purchase of an 800 fastback a few years ago. The sheer amount sold means they can't have been that bad, Rog! And does it not make you sad, when in Staffs, the old order of 200/25's is being replaced, or so it seems, by the F***s, much to the chagrin of the drivers?

For the record, she says that the most "Interesting" vehicles to drive were the V8 auto Sherpa's!

Thank you Roger for explaining the purchasing criteria for police vehicles. It would appear to be a lot more complicated than I initially realised.

If the roles were reversed do you think the German Police authorities would purchase MG Rover product over home grown (BMW Audi VW & Mercedes), if it was proven that the MG ZT was more up to the job?
Somehow I think not.
The people of German are far to clever - protecting one's own (or countries) interests.

In theory, according to Trade & EU regulations,such procurement must be open to companies from every member country.Also,we should not limit ourselves to one particular example-perhaps the Germans
purchase some UK Land Rovers,Minis, or other things they like?

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