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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Z car snobbery

Have any of you Z car owners been waved at by MG Maestro/montego owners? if so did you wave back, I only ask as I have waved at several Z car drivers only to get a blank stare back as if there thinking who the hell are you.
Now I suppose it could be because they just think of there car as a tool to get them from A to B and are not interested in the fact that its an MG, just today I waved at an MG ZS owner at the dartford tolls only to be greeted by what can be dscribed by a volger hand gesture.
He didnt seem to smug when I blew him away from the tolls :-)

Maestro turbo driver
Ian cresswell


This tail remains me of when I bought a M.G. Maestro. It was one of the first made (1600 cc Y reg.). I never got any waves off of other M.G. drivers. In fact, I got so despondent about it I gave up trying to get a response. Then one day, whilst I was driving through Winchester and to my amassment I got a wave from an M.G. TD!! I was so amazed I did not have time to wave back.:-)
ian holliday

Although I drive a ZS, I am quite happy to wave to any other MG driver. The response varies but does not seem to depend on the type of car being driven.
I have waved to drivers of Zs, Bs, midgets, Metros and various other models and been waved to be lots as well.


I am a Z owner and form Maestro/Montego owner, I wave at all MGs and always have.
Red MG ZT keeps waving back at me!!
Some F owners look bemused LOL


I am a ZS owner and a former Maestro/Montego owner, I wave at all MGs and always have. A Red MG ZT keeps waving back at me!! Some F owners look bemused LOL

(sorry for multiple post)


Ian,it was probably a dealers car , snobery and vulgar hand gesters are about right for most of them.:O)
kevin neal

I suspect that a lot of people are buying the Z-cars because of their performance, pace and handling rather than for the badge...

A sign of the new car's success?

I wouldn't be too stressed by it Ian. If they want to join in, then great. If they don't, then fine- they don't know what they are missing, but who are we to force it on 'em?

Lead by example, and those who want to, will follow...

Now's where is my flute? ;o)
Rob Bell

Yippe today I got a women in a ZR to wave at me, not sure if it was because of the MG or because Im such a fine looking bloke though ;-)
Ian cresswell

The "F" drivers went through the same thing when they first hit the roads! I tend to agree with MGF owning Rob. Some will be Company cars as well, and the owner will know nothing of the history, etc. behind MG.

Just keep waving. If nothing else it'll worry the other driver all the way home ("Who was that? Do I know them...?)


P.S. Rob, I still have some photos of you spinning at Silverstone. And this time, don't try to tell me you caught it!
David Coulthard

It's quite funny that I get more MG recognition in my Maestro turbo than my ZR?! That said, both turn heads on the Sutton one way system (tha Maestro probably more from the exhaust note....). I think that I've been waved at by a black ZT and been so surprised I forgot to wave back, flashed mutually at a couple of ZS's and had one ZS owner look rather bemused when I flashed and waved in a traffic jam!!
Ian Rusbridge

Waved to 4 MG B's over the last 2 day none waved back :0( I'm still the same bloke you waved at 3 months ago, just a different shell! Mark of friendship? bar-humbug.

Climber you can be in a B and wave at a B and still get no response, dont take in personally :-)


Nope, definitely didn't catch it last year- went gardening that time! LOL

Yup- love a copy of it, to add to the long list of bungled lines! LOL

Mind you, I'm not the only one- here's Jonathan's efforts in his MX-5... ;o)
Rob Bell

I have a ZS 180 and i wave farewell to AUDI A4 and BMW's mine ZS has done 150 MPH and that is something only Germany can allow.

Montego's behave!


150mph! Surely that was down hill? - the book says about 140 or so. I managed to do just over 135mph on the A3 heading out from Duesseldorf to Amsterdam one weekend, with a fair bit of power still left in the ZS, but then I bottled out as a truck pulled out a few hundred metres in front of me and I decided that I valued life a bit more (and the engine). My ideal cruising speed is around 100-110mph.

As for waving at people - I wouldn't wave at a B or F as they seem to quite common and most people around here would think I was mad and report me for stalking or something.
Alex Rogers

This MG waving thing annoys me. Not the actual waving, but the complaining by older MG owners that the modern MG's don't wave back. The older MG owners have criticised MGF owners in the MG magazines for not waving back at them - but how many of them wave at MG Metros, Maestros and Montegos? Very few I'd guess. As an F owner I find that most other F owners will wave back. Older MG's rarely wave at me when I'm driving the F. But when I drive the MG Maestro turbo I generally don't get any waves from anyone - not even other MG Maestros! I see a lot of B's and midgets being driven round Reading but I very rarely get a wave from any of them, and if I do it's only because I initaited the wave first.

So no doubt you Z car owners will also run foul of the older MG owners who will no doubt be complaining that you don't wave back at them. But on the bright side you should get good "feedback" from other Z car owners.......once they get used to the idea of this waving marlarky.

Martin Woods
4MGF & F996 RHP
MG Car Club FWD register - chairman
MG Car Club MGF register - vice chairman
Martin Woods

I've been getting a Z-car snobby vibe off this page for a couple months now.. I feel rather opressed being accross the pond in Canada where the Z-cars' mother won't let them come to play... one day my friend... one day

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