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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZR 120

Am looking for an 'out of the ordinary', compact,multi-purpose car for both town & distance driving.
Wonder if a ZR 120 would be a good answer in this respect.Does anyone own such a model ? (Is it useful to get a steptronic version to handle traffic jams as there seems to be adequate power to compensate ?)

Am the proud owner of a ZR+120 and in love with it.

Steptronic a bad idea IMHO mainly because its CVX (continuously varying transmission). If you've driven a standard auto box before then CVX (or CVT to some marques). Gone are the days of clunking through the gears as you accelerate. Basically, press gas pedal half way down (even when stopped at lights) and engine revs to 4,000rpm (half way to red line). Car accelerates all the time with that level of power selected. No changes in revs. No gear clunks as the ratio is continually varying so in effect loads of little gear changes.

Press gas pedal full down (even when stopped at lights) and engine revs to 8,000rpm (all way to red line). Car accelerates all the time with that level of power selected. No changes in revs. No gear clunks as the ratio is continually varying so in effect loads of little gear changes.

Means if you drive heavy footed, engine revs high all the time and passers by think you've got your foot stuck on the clutch!

So I didn't like it.

What would you like to know about my Zed? (p.s. I go away on hols on Wednesday for 2 weeks so be quick!)



We had a Rover 200 with the auto and 1600 engine. I agree with "Mr F Preston (or it is Ms?)" that it is a bit weird the way the car accelerates away while the engine speed remains constant. However you do get used to it. It is also fantastic around town (like any automatic!). It was a good cruiser on the motorway and would happily keep up with the traffic at 85+. However over 90 it became very gutless. Although the top speed was claimed to be (from memory) 110, getting to 100+ was a very slow process. However this is in loose your license space so did not us it very much.

The car took 10k miles to get really run in and then it really flew. You could effortlessly beat most things away from the lights. You really needed this comparison against other cars to appreciate the performance as again the constant revs of the engine caused by the CVT did not give the impression of huge progress.

The MG version might be better with the 10 extra BHP but cannot believe it will make a huge difference.

Hope this helps



Many thanks for your reply F from Preston-there are perhaps not many such owners on these websites as most seem to want maximum power!.Three extra questions please:
1 Are you happy enough with 120 rather than 160 horses ?
2 Does this car have a smaller rear spoiler ?
3How is rear sitting space,is there a folding rear seat,should one opt for the 5 door to make entry easier?
Hope you have a nice(driving?) holiday.

I had the 160 model and used to follow "Mr F" through the dales, the difference in power was to be honest not noticeable at all, maybe a couple of mph quicker at the top end (i had 132mph) but that's something most people wouldn't reach anyway. The power might have been greater but it was the torque which let it down, redlining the car in the first 4 gears just to benifit from the extra bhp and still not much quicker than the 120.
The reason i got the 160 was because of the standard features which were optional on the 120 - side skirts, 17" alloys, air-con (no sunroof), 1/2 leather seats, nice rasp from exhaust (twin tailpipe).

The rear spoilers are identical, the cosmetic differences are - side skirts (195 optional extra below 160 spec), exhaust surround (6 ish), 17" alloys (195 optional extra over standard 16")

Rear seat splits and has 3 diagonal seat belts.

Remember the 120 model is group 11 insurance and the 160 is group 16!!!!

Very much appreciate your comments Rob-especially as Mr F must now be gone on his holiday !
Only remaining question relates to room & access to the back seats & whether its better to get the
5 door version,even if it looks less sporty.

I own a 105... 3 door version, and to be honest when your 6ft 2 as I am and somebody wants to get into the back seats from the drivers side can be very awkward as the seats don't move forward when gaining access to the rear. Takes my future mother in law ages to get in and out..

Buy one.... 3 dr or 5 dr, you won't regret it...I don't!!

see all you NMGOer's at #3... Just fitted Induction Kit...K&N... Loud Loud LOUD!!!!!
Davey Hird

well i had the 3 door model and mr f (Findlay) has a 5 door model. The 3 door seats fold giving plenty of roo for access but if the front seat is slid right back (for a long legged driver/front passenger) the it can be awkward getting in the back.
Room wise the seating is the same and so is leg room when sitting, go to your local dealer and sit in both models.

HI Rob
How's life without the ZR?

Are you suggesting that even 105 HP is enough-or have you fitted induction kit because it isn't?
Also,surely they don't fit the big 160 type spoiler on this version!?

tony, the spoilers are the same on all zr models exept for the 160 which has side skirts as standard (optional on other versions)


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