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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZR grill removal?

Having designed a nut and bolt fixing MG Car Club badge for the FWD register I am keen to sell this regalia item to not only FWD cars but also to rubber bumper MG's, RV8's and the new MGZ saloons.
Can anyone tell me if the ZR grill is easily removed? I looked under the bonnet of one in the local show room and it appeared only to be held in place at the top corners by two plastic screws - is this the case?
I've sold a grill badge to a ZR owner who's dealer says the whole front bumper has to be removed to get behind the grill - surely not!

Martin Woods
FWD register - chairman & reglia
PS. The grill badge fits the ZS without any problems. Still not tested it on a ZT - is the ZT grill accessible from the rear?
Martin Woods

>The grill badge fits the ZS without any problems.

I found the bolts too long, or rather longer than they need be!! I'm sure once the Z register is up and running we will sell our own grille badge, seem silly to buy regalia frm anoter register!!!!


Not necessarily Kelvin, currently buyers across all Registers get the benefit of the size of order Martin has arranged. It may be some time before there are sufficient Z types who want an MGCC badge to get the numbers up to an economic level. Joint funding and purchasing of the next batch might be a better option...


I've had the second batch of grill badges made with shorter bolts so Z car owners don't have to cut the bolts down. These are available right now......from the FWD register. Odd that the MGB & midget registers never made a small badge for the rubber bumper models or the RV8. So when the new Z saloons came along I thought now was the right time to have a small nut and bolt version made.

The longer bolt versions are designed to fit the MG Maestro grill.


Martin Woods
Martin Woods

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