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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZR steering boss

I'm looking to change the steering wheel on my ZR. Unfortunatly the company (Momo) don't list a boss for the MG. Would I be correct in assuming the boss would be the same fit as a Rover 200 >97? (sounds obvious, but I'd like to be certain before pulling everything apart)

Has any one else done this and have any advice?
Any idea how to disable the airbag warning light?

Thanks for your help
P Powers

It should be the same - although perhaps a ZR owner could confirm?

You can't disable the SRS warning light - and you should note that the seat belt pretensioners will also be disabled when you remove the steering wheel airbag. :o( The only way to make the light disappear AFAIK is to disconnect/remove the warning light bulb :o(
Rob Bell

Momo do a Rover 25 boss, made for cars fitted with airbags. It's avalible from Demon Tweeks

Sorry should have put this in the last post. I've ordered one of the above bosses and new wheel, just wondering if anyone knows how to remove the original wheel.


Details will be in the Haynes Manual if you haven't got a workshop manual for your car.

Another site you could have a look at, although not for the ZR, is Andy's - it details the strip down of his MGF prior to repair. The steering wheel removal details should be exactly the same for your car as it is for the MGF :o)
Rob Bell


Got my wheel fitted.

Just a word of warning to anyone wanting to do the same. Momo have cocked up their hub design, so the electrical connectors don't fit in the space left for them. We spent ages drilling and filing it to make them fit and still had to modify the connectors themselves. The plug-in they supply for over-riding the air bag was too small to fit in the air bag connection, and kept falling out. Solved by adding a blob of solder to the ends of the wires.

Other than that I'm very happy with my new wheel, it's nice and small so the steering has, at last got some weight behind it. The hub's actually in the centre of the wheel, it looks a lot better and the whole thing weighs nearly a kilo less.

Nice one! Any pix?
Rob Bell


I haven't got a digital camera. I'm afraid I'm stuck in the 20th century, technology wise - hence why I'm used too heavier steering.

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