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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZR Suspension

My late 2004 ZR120+ with a CVT Transmission has a harder ride that a roller skate. Can anyone advise tyres, springs and/or shocks to give my backside a more comfortable ride.
I'm not a boyracer but this car is worse than my 72 MGBGT. I think I would prefer to change wheels to use higher profile tyres.
Had trouble starting acouple of months ago; All the lights came up no response to the start command, no sounds of relays nor starter motor, the panel lights did'n't even flicker.

Fault traced to the lug on the battery to starter cable at the starter end. Corroded and arc damaged under the plastic boot. New lug crimped on cured the problem.
AG Martin


I've got a ZS which also has a very firm suspension, which I suppose is a small price to pay considering the way the car handles.

It's a darned sight more comfortable than the midget though.


Hi, i would say the best thing to do it to get hold of some Rover 25 Dampers with Springs from a Salvage company or even ebay. If you get the Dampers and Springs all built up ready to go then it's a simple job of swapping them over on each corner of the car. (no spring compressors needed!)
It'll sit slightly higher but the spring rate is softer and the dampers aren't quite so harsh.
Leave the Wheels and Tyres as they are.
I think you'll find the Rover 25 Suspension much more comfortable and by leaving the ZR Rollbars in place it'll still handle well.
Steve T

Thank you Steve, I'll keep your comments in mind, but first I'll see what other tyres are available to give an easier ride. Thanks
AG Martin

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