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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZS has arrived!

Our brand new blue 4 door ZS120 rolled off the trailer from Belgium and into the drive this morning. And I must say, it's a beaut. Unfortunately, we can't drive it until we get all the paperwork done, but it makes a nice garden sculpture for now.

One minor query. The 'ZS' badge on the back is black, rather than silver. I thought you got the black with the ZS120+ and the silver with the ZS120. Did they put the wrong badge on ours or have I got it the wrong way round? We got a ZS120 with aircon, so perhaps they just got confused in the factory.

Not that we care, of course...
David Bainbridge


David, you wouldn't care to share with the rest of us who you bought it from would you, how long it took, was it worth the hassle, how much dosh you saved, etc...

steering wheelf I should put private numbers on the BBS, but send me an e-mail and I'll send you the number of the middle-man I bought it through.

It's really very little hassle - I imported an MGF last year from Holland. It took 2 months for the ZS and 5 months for the F.

So, a 4-door ZS120 with metallic paint, aircon and single slot CD player cost me about
David Bainbridge

David...not sure how it works on the ZS but on the ZR it's black for standard models and rhodium for + and 160. My ZR+120 has rhodium, as expected.

You can order the badges as parts...about 7 I think.


Silver on my my Silver ZS120+

Ah, I must have got it the wrong way round...
David Bainbridge

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