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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZS headlights

Can someone tell me which of the 4 headlights are dip beam and which are main beam on the ZS? The reason that I ask is that my lights do seem to be working the way that the manual describes.


Outside lens is the dip beam
Inner lens is main beam.

What is the problem?

Whoops, I missed a 'not' out in my original post. It should have read ' lights do NOT seem to be working the way that the manual describes.'

I quote from the manual:
"Your car is equipped with twin headlights, the inboard set being the dipped beam lights and the outer set are the main beam."

Looks like MGR have screwed up with their documentation again...


Bo11ocks! Missed that :-(
Proof reader

They also describe replacement lamps wrong!
S Forbes

What, the bulbs?

Yep! Main listed as H1 type. Both main and dipped are in fact H7!
S Forbes

Fcukwits!!! They can't even get that right!

No, maybe our favourite engineer from Liverpool was contracted to write the manual?


.....nah can't have....

There's no spelling or gramatical errors in there!

Might be good for a laugh I guess!

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