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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZS headlights

Does anyone know the difference between the headlights of a Rover 45 and a ZS180, as apparently my ZS has the incorrect headlights!!!!!
darren howe

Indicators clear or orange
C C Bennett

The indicators are clear, the reason I ask is that one of the electric adjustors has broken and I need a replacement, but Rover says that the lights fitted are Rover 45s!!
darren howe

Rover 45's get the clear indicators and the MG's get orange, other than that I am not aware of other differences.
C C Bennett

Was this car purchased NEW , or as I suspect its was pre-owned? Some owners have been known to swop the uints as many people dont like orange indicators, its highly unlikey it came out of the factory like that!

Have you checked the badge on the boot some times they get those wrong as well when they get the inicators wrong they put this funny old boat picture on the steering wheel as well .

why the hell did Rover give the ZS orange indicators. I fi had a zs the first thing i would do is get some 45 clear indicators.
Robert Purser

I'm a huge MG fan and follower... yet I never realised the Rover 45 had different indicator lenses to the MG ZS.

Detention for me then, reading all my MG brochures from cover to cover until there's nothing I don't know...
Richard (Farnborough)

This thread was discussed between 06/02/2004 and 10/02/2004

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